Birkin or Bolide color for tropics/summer

  1. I'm looking for a Birkin or Bolide that will work for tropical weather vacations and summer. What about Vert Anis? Is that color versatile enough to go with lots of things for travel when I don't want to take more than a day bag and an evening bag? What about Caramel? I like white bags but not in the price range of H.
  2. white looks so incredibly good on the bolide, it's almost cruel.
    for tropical, i love the idea of a vermillion too. also the turquoise maybe (to match the water).
  3. Fuschia is a great summer color too!! Either orange - any of the brights would be fun to carry!
  4. For some reason, I think of Birkins in winter and Bolides in summer... can't explain it...
  5. a yellow birkin and a fuschia bolide would be nice for summer, imo
  6. What color family(ies) do you love? Maybe that will help us to help you.
  7. omgd, THAT is the (evil) motto of the hermes subforum. help us corrupt you is more like it.

  8. AAAKKK!!! hahaha! :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    So so true!!!

    I have a vert anis HAC, and she'll be PERFECT for summer, and also now a blue roi ostrich Kelly, which will also accompany me on my Summer travels. :yes:
  9. Potiron - and it's a 4 season color, goes with everything for travel!
    Also, a Blue Jean or Vert Anis Bolide would be amazing. Find the Ode to the Bolide thread for some lucious pics!
  10. I agree with Greentea. I took my potiron Bolide when I went to CA & Hawaii and it went with everything. Blue jean is also another fabulous all seasons color that goes with just about everything. If fuschia goes with your wardrobe that is another option. Vert Anis is also a great summery color if you have the wardrobe to compliment it.
  11. ^I agree with Kat. I LOVE potiron though! Perfect all year round!
  12. For Summer? BLUE JEAN, BABY!
  13. Any Hermes color is a good color for me....any season any day any time!
  14. i love your answer misspiggy!

    Toile, vert anis, gold, bj, I'd just stay away from dark colors unless you wear lots of black/white combos.
  15. Also, you might consider the Evelyne or Trim for a good "resort" Hermes. Easy to carry, looks good with a floppy hat, capri sandals, bikini top and a sarong while out by the pool!!