Birkin on the first try?

  1. Ladies,

    I have been lurking in this forum because I'm thinking of buying a Birkin as a gift for a friend in Asia, someone who would really love it. I am not one for doing a song-and-dance wait however, and am not interested in buying a lot of Hermes items in the hopes of someday being asked if I'd like to purchase a Birkin.

    Has anyone just been lucky enough to have their first Hermes purchase (aside of maybe small things, like scarves) to be a Birkin?

    It seems to me that luck strikes quite randomly in terms of who gets a Birkin and who doesn't... I seem to recall a young lady on the forum who has since been MIA. She purchased Hermes item after Hermes item but was never offered a Birkin. Some others here may remember her as well.

    Maybe I should consider another gift if I will not get a Birkin on my first attempt.

    Thanks and pardon me if I'm being redundant again...
  2. Yes. The Wall Street store has Birkins every morning if you get there when doors open.
  3. DANG! And I was JUST in NYC yesterday!!!! lol

    Will they really just sell them to the first person who walks in? I had no idea.
  4. I was one of the people who had that happen........however I now think/know that some stores are like that --others have different management with different direction. I moved and started working with people at different stores and had better luck. Worth a shot. You never know.
  5. could be very lucky and see something on the shelves to have Plan B in place.
  6. These ladies have some great advice! Wall Street is definitely worth a shot. From what I understand it's really touch-and-go with who gets the Holy Grail of all Handbags (Birkins) and who doesn't, varying widely from store to store; where are you located? Is there an H near you? ... good luck!
  7. We had a parchment 35cm Birkin in swift on the shelve for a day in our store just last week.
  8. Happened to me on my very first visit to H. Walked in and walked out with a Birkin!
  9. In Hong Kong, it's probably impossible to walk in and get a Birkin. In Japan, I hear, the prices are wayyyy marked-up. Based on what I read on TPF it's war to get a Birkin on a walk-in in Asia.

    In Paris, it's very possible, but you might still have to compromise on color, size, and leather.

    If you happen to be in NYC, go for it!
  10. I just wanted to say that I am SO GRATEFUL for this forum; the information and advice is just amazing. As a newbie crossing from the land of Chanel to Hermes, I had no clue that there is a "game" if you will, when it comes to purchasing a Birkin. Since I see other Hermes bags out for sale, I assume this only applies to the Birkin.

    The things I learn from all of you!!

    BTW: what a LOVELY gift for your friend. That must be a very special and treasured friendship.:flowers:
  11. I was one of the lucky ones - didn't even intend to buy a Birkin. Went with a friend to Hermes in Paris - she bought two bags (a Victoria and JPG) and the SA showed my friend the computer list of bags that had come in that day. I commented, "oh, there's a 30!" The SA turned to me and said, "would you like to try it" - I said yes - and a dangerous (and expensive) obsession has begun.
  12. if you live in Chicago, a friend of mine just walked into the Chicago Hermes and asked if they had a birkin and they said yes. However, it was an Epsom leather birkin and she didnt like it that much once she got to know all the leathers better but Hey! it's a birkin!
  13. Transcendent1, you are SO right. From my knowledge, its almost impossible to even get on the wait list as it is closed in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong... unless you are their VVIPs... lol
  14. I noticed you're in Chicago - DH was there on business last year with no purchase history at the store and was offered a 35cm Etoupe one when he asked about them. It's do-able if you're not fussy about color. Your odds are better at the stores with more volume. I agree about Asia being impossible to get on the list if you're not there already... my mom went back for almost 3 months and was offered zilch!
  15. My DH just walked into the Madison store and got my orange 35 birkin. They kept telling him over and over they had none and he told them that he knew they had some in the back and after while a different SA brought out my orange birkin. That was the first time he was ever in an H boutique