Birkin on Suze Orman

  1. Does anyone watch the Suze Orman show (financial advice)? There was an episode where she has people call in and they tell her what they want to buy and she asks for their financial info (credit card balance, savings, income, housing costs, etc) and she then tells them if they can afford it or not. A woman called in an episode not long ago and said she wanted to buy it and they had a photo of the bag and the $6800 price. They showed a rerun of it on her best of 2006 show recently.
  2. Very interesting...
    What was Suze's advice about the buying the bag?
  3. i saw that show! she said she'd rather take the money and invest it. she said in 10 years would the lady be willing to pay 15,000 for it. the lady said no and suze said that's how much return she'd get out of investing the 6800.

    then suze told her NO! interestingly she told a phD student who was pretty deep in debt that he could afford a medical school education.

    that lady was pretty well off too from what i remember on her financials. i saw that show right before i got mine :sweatdrop:
  4. I missed that particular show but one of my friends who knows my love for bags told me about it. I watch Suze's show ALL the time! I would've expected that answer from her too! I wonder if she owns a Birkin herself?:nuts:
  5. I would have liked to have seen that! LOL! Sometimes I'd like to tell people that there's more to life than socking away every last cent......if you can afford it and it's not eating into any other area of your life, then buy yourself the dang bag. Do you EVER see men pass an opportunity to buy the car of their dreams if they can?????? No!
  6. just goes to show, if we were buying hermes for the investment, we may not buy. I don't buy for the investment, I buy for the Hermes.
  7. Honestly, in 10 years, $15,000 is probably not too unreasonable as it seems now. :wtf:
  8. I agree with Loren. I don't look at my bags and thing, gee, I could sell all my bags and buy a house instead! I look at them and think "Isn't that beautiful! Can't wait to take her out!"

    I've also stopped answering people's questions when they say, "Is that REALLY the famous Hermes Birkin bag? How much did it cost?" I certainly don't go near the dreaded "HOW many do you have? Are you INSANE????" :wtf:

    Then again, maybe I AM insane!!
  9. i wondered that too. i love that show as well. she's so practical. but since when do Hermes and practicality go hand in hand? :graucho:

    and 15,000 for a birkin? that's a bit much...but at the rate they are increasing in price :sweatdrop:

    i agree, emma! if it's insane i don't wanna be sane! :lol:
  10. While I would never buy a Kelly or Birkin for an investment, I have Birkins bought a few short years ago for under $4,500 and Kellys for about 3,000. Could sell them used and probably come out as well as with some stocks and bonds over the same period of time. How long can the price of Hermes go up and up? I know it is the falling dollar as well....
  11. Not everything is an investment . . . I believe that you can enjoy your money along with being responsible. I love Suze Orman's show but no matter what you doing with your Money it always makes you feel like you should be making better choices
  12. Man, I thought you were going to say Suze Orman OWNED a Birkin. I was about to sell all my bags.......
  13. God Bless her, but we all know Suze has some uber - sensible bag, like a sturdy coach briefcase or something...

    Sometimes nice things are like chocolate... if you can balance a little guilt from the pleasure, you're all set! :shame:
  14. LOL :roflmfao: agree 100%!!
  15. If someone ever said that to me, I think I'd slap them.