Birkin on hold

  1. I'm actually not sure if this is appropriate. Mod, please feel free to remove if this is not allow....

    Today, I pop-in to the store to look at Bearn wallet. Somehow, my SA suddenly asked me if I want Black Birkin in 30 or 35. I said 30.... She disappeared and came out with Black 30 in Togo. Black 30 is what got me into H/Birkin though I never seen her IRL before today. I have to say that I prefer my Chartreuse better. I now confirm that H color is a way to go for me.

    However, I'm still uncertain since Black is classic and timeless. So I have this bag on hold until tomorrow. Well, my SA doesn't commit to hold the bag for me but she told me to call her tomorrow and let her know....

    Now, I decide that I'm not going to get it but if possible, I would like to help my SA.... At the same time, I would like to pass this opportunity to TPF. I can't guarantee that you will get the bag since SA doesn't 100% commit to me. But I can tell you the store and my SA name and will inform him/her that you will call.

    Please PM me if you ABSOLUTELY want this bag. I will most likely choose TPFer whom I feel contribute to the H forum (Whom am I to judge but I think you know what I mean). No lurker (a few posts) please....

    The bag is Black 30 Birkin in Togo with PH. The price is $7000.

    I'm sorry for my English and I'm sorry if this is not appropriate....
  2. i thought at first that i want to go with colored birkin, but then i realized black birkin is so versatile and timeless when i got mine in chevre. The sheen and spine texture give it a more exotic look. Now I love it to death.:love:

    However, i would still say that if u don't love it at first sight or have any converns, maybe it is not right for u.
  3. luvpurse, thank you for making available this information. I hope a tPFer who's been waiting for this exact combo sees your post, and acts fast on this news!
  4. Yes, that's what I'm wondering as well... Togo might not be the right leather... I saw Bearn in Chevre and start to wonder if Black Chevre Birkin might look beautiful! :yes:

    Do you have picture somewhere in the reference section?
  5. Hi Luvpurse,
    Before you pass on this Birkin, here is my feeling. When you look at a new black Birkin that has not been broken in, it looks blah, too plain. After you use it and the leather softens up, it becomes more and more beautiful. It is such a contrast to your chartreuse, I think you might love it for a change.
  6. I have to say....I just LOVE your chartreuse! WOW!
  7. ^^Love it too...Chartreuse (your spelling is terrific BTW...hope mine is) is gorgeous color with black!
  8. hey girl :smile: i have exactly the same feeling about the black vs my chartreuse - i think i do want a black one someday, but i think i'd rather have some colors first. that being said, that is so great of you to offer that black one - if i were in the mkt right now, i'd be all over you! :graucho:
  9. It is SO sweet of you to help out your friends here!
    I think your chartreuse is divine! Do you like Kellys? You could always get a classic black Kelly...
  10. Thank you, Luvpurse for sharing your info with us. Too bad I've never seen a 30 Birkin IRL or I would definitely be interested. I need to figure out if a 30 or a 35 would be suitable for me :confused1: ... I hope one day my day will come!
  11. So sweet of you!! Thank you!!!!:love::heart:
  12. That's so nice and thoughtful of you!
  13. Hi Greentea, I'm not sure about Kelly. I think it's too formal for me right now. Maybe one day. :p

    Thank you, ladies, for your comments. I just thought I can be helpful to TPF and help my SA at the same time.

    Anyhow, I called the store today. My SA is out today and another SA told me that I need to go in and buy the bag. They won't ship out Birkin over the phone. :sad:

    I plan to go to the store tomorrow. The best I can do for you is to be present at the store and have you call-in to charge the bag on your CC and have Hermes ship the bag.
  14. that is very nice of you, i'd have taken you up on the offer, but i have a black birkin in 35 :biggrin:

    all i can say is if you are not in LOVE with the bag, you should pass it on by :smile: there is another thread that says that some people's preferences change as they get older and it seems you love your colors. you can always get black later on.

    let us know how you decide and thanks again :biggrin: