birkin on a guy

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  1. :nuts: saw a super cool hot looking stylish guy carrying a huge birkin. i think its 40 or 45. it was black. i want one too!! should i get a smaller size? but i love big bags. wonder if he's straight:P i mean does straight guys even care about birkins? can they pull it off? lol sorry for the rants. sooo into birkins at the moment.:wlae:
  2. The straight guys I know aren't into birkins, but there may be some who are. I think the ones who are probably WOULD only get the 40 or a bigger size and use it as a tote bag or something like that for work or whatever. :jammin:
  3. really depends on each male. My huband doesn't carry a birkin, but he could pull it off. You really need to handle one to see how you look. You also relaly need to see what size is best for you, so you don't look foolish. They can help you at the boutique. I don't know you, so I can't truly give you my you think you can pull it off? Bring a great girl friend with you who will be brutally honest. Good Luck!
  4. I say go for it. I think the Birkin has a unisex look.
  5. I think the birkin would look good on a man.
  6. I guess I'm going against the grain but a Birkin is a ladies bag no matter how large it is. I must be old school.
  7. I think it depends on the size.. 40 and 45.. definitely possible!!
  8. I agree with Kat - its a ladies bag IMO.
  9. I Love the Birkin on a guy.
  10. you'd have to be a man to carry the big one, they weigh a ton. even the tiny half birkin weighs a ton
  11. i would love for my DH to have a 45cm birkin for traveling. i think he can totally pull it off too (with certain outfits that he wears) and i'm pretty sure he'd like it as well. but i think for now, i'm happy to know he'd rather spend the money on me at hermes......hehehe
  12. i think a HAC (since they were designed to carry saddles/riding boots and are more masculine) would look better on a guy than a birkin...
  13. a large HAC, that is...
  14. I think a birkin looks great on a man, esp a 40 cm! (or bigger!)
  15. Saw a guy on the plane, wearing white shirt, levi jeans (nicely worn), red hermes ankle boots (from the current season - recognised it coz I saw the boots at the store), with matching watch and carrying an etoupe 40 cm birkin..... GORGEOUS.... if only my SO would dress like that too...