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  1. Hi everyone,

    Today I got a message from my SA saying that she has a togo 30cm birkin in rouge tomate with gold hdw.

    Is there anyone who has this color? How bright is this bag?

    I told my SA 2 weeks ago that I would like a birkin 30 in anything neutral such as gold/etoupe/etain/graphite but since red hued birkins are so hard to get maybe I should just take the plunge?

    For a refence, I have a black and blue sapphire birkin.
  2. I agree with tonkamama, red is a must in one's H collection. And it won't hurt to take a look and decide then. GL!
  3. Rouge tomate is a beautiful color.
    It is slightly more orange than RC which is a very neutral red.
    Reminds me a little of vermillion.
    Very beautiful.
    Love it with GHW.
  4. I would suggest going to the store and looking at it in person. I love red and think it is a great neutral. I think it would be a great addition to your collection especially since you already have black and blue. Honestly, I would run and take it! Red B/K is on my wishlist
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I think I will go to the boutique and see it in person. I have been trying to save my colorful pieces for the kelly bags but sounds like red hue is a must get.

    I also saw the exact same one going on for more than $20,000... :faint:
  6. I am waiting your reveal :smile:
  7. would love a chance to ogle this! :giggles:
  8. Reveal please once it's with you!😆
  9. You can check "Paris trip for Hermes bag" page 817, post # 12253.

    I think it's lovely color, would definitely take her home.....
  10. same same!
  11. UPDATE: I have gone to the boutique and checked out the bag and the color/gold hdw combination is TO DIE FOR!!!!

    One thing that my SA messed up on is that she told me that the leather is togo but she realized later on that it is taurillon.

    I have an epsom and togo birkins at the moment and have passed on a taurillon birkin before due to its potential to flap.

    Could anyone with taurillon birkin tell me if the leather flap will happen drastically?

    I tend to not overstuff bags and try to switch bags around at least weekly.

    She is giving me until Saturday Noon to decide, which I find incredibly generous.
  12. It is hard to predict--every individual skin used for a given bag is a little different. Clemence is likely to soften and "floop" a bit more than Togo (and of course more than Epsom), but in a size 30, I wouldn't anticipate too much floppiness, especially if, as you say, you don't overload it, and if you store it gently stuffed and lying on its side. But if the prospect of a slightly slouchy bag really bothers you, then perhaps Clemence is not for you. Sounds like your SA is being a total doll!
  13. I've had my B35 in Clemence for almost two years. I don't overstuff my bags. This is my weekend bag so during the week I Stuff my Birkin with the bubble wrap and store it away. I do love the Clemence. I found the leather to be thicker than the Togo I just bought. I would take this red Birkin in a heart beat
  14. I have this exact same bag - Birkin 30 Rouge Tomate w/ GHW in Clemence. Love how the leather feels so buttery soft. I've had mine for a little over two months and I store it laying on its side. So far so good!
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