Birkin mania at Decades 2/13/08!!!

  1. I just received an email that Decades will be posting the following bags tomorrow:
    40 cm Black Birkin
    35 cm Tabac Ostrich
    35 cm Barenia & Toile Birkin
    30 cm Potiron Chevre
    32 cm Croco Kelly
    and :drool:....
    a 30 cm Graphite Croco Birkin

    Good luck - I hope some of these go home to fellow tPFer's! Please post pics if they do!
  2. Thanks for the info Beikm, I just called them, I really love one of the bags listed, they took my name but said that there are enquiries already before I called.
  3. wow - i'd love the barenia and toile bag!!
    thanks for the heads up!
  4. I am curious :confused1: H hates resellers, but they love him! They made him his own custom bag!! Why, 'cause he's so cute? Why!!!???
  5. what does a Tabac Ostrich look like?
  6. It weezes and coughs up flem. :graucho:

    About Decades, he's so un-cute! They're all so busy prancing about and staring in the mirror, they are not helpful at all. It's all too precious for me. The clothes are way overpriced and not pristine by any stretch; pulls, fraying, tears, pilling, you name it, they've got it! They do have a sh$%-load of bags but I'm very uninspired by the ambience. It's hardly a luxe atelier - it's sort of a converted loft with concrete floors and curtains as dressing rooms. That's just my cranky opinion. They have a huge following; especially celeb stylists.
  7. I think, cause he is a very good customer.
    Saw shortly the video in his home on
    I embeded it on my Hermes Blog.
  8. I've bought bags from him in the past - all good experiences! I work with Michael and he's a sweetheart. I hope the same for all of you as I really do hate to hear about difficult experiences when it comes to something as fun as acquiring a bag you really love and are excited about! Carpe Birkin!
  9. i thought his name was cameron???
  10. Cameron Silver is the Owner.
  11. It is, I don't mean the 'Steve' bag, I mean the custom one of a kind bag that he went to Paris H to design. It was in I think the AMX magazine Destinations and then the article posted here. Cynthia NYC saw him with it in Madison H
  12. ^^LOL, no I was wondering about the Michael mentioned in post #8.
    I do remember the cameron silver bag....
  13. Sorry, CB!!:flowers: mis-read the posts while reading camera instr. :confused1: Wanted to swallow lithium battery at that point rather than charge it!
  14. I have bought a few things from Cameron... the most recent is a Bob Mackie dress and the 30cm Graphite Croco mentioned by beikm above. He's a real sweetheart. Very helpful and doesn't mind dealing directly with the customers. From my very first Decades purchase, he's always the one who handled my account. I knew that he's the owner, but I never knew about him being somekind of a celebrity? Is he??
  15. Hi there,
    Could you tell me how to contact Decades? Thanks, Gerry