Birkin Lovers...Dressing/Wearing Your Bag

  1. Oooh, just finished review of the Hermes/celebrity thread...would love to see pics of how you dress and wear your Birkin...

    Cloche on or off?
    Lock on or off?
    Flap open or closed?
    Straps hanging or not?
  2. My pumpkin ususally has the clochet strap looped through the lock opening around the handle, flap tucked in and straps fastened.
  3. I don't have a birkin yet. If I had one I would wear it with the flap tucked in and the straps closed .And when shopping I would leave the straps open.all the while having the cloche with lock dangling:yes::flowers::tender:
  4. Greentea, Do you carry the lock on the bag or off? I ask only because I made an "error" with Birkin I. I stored the bag with the lock hanging on the front and it made a slight indentation on the leather.
  5. ^^ I carry the lock looped on the clochet, not hanging on the turnlock post.
    What leather is your Birkin? Sorry it got a boo-boo :sad:
  6. ^ That was the birkin I later sold...when I receive Birkin II, this will not happen (I hope)...
  7. I have a (bad) pic of how I wear the clochet and lock in the Scarf/Birkin thread.
  8. Thanks! Will check there...