Birkin lookout club

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  1. I'm not quite ready for a Birkin, but I hope to get one in the next few years. However, I know some people are on the lookout for for specific ones right now. Yet it's seemingly impossible to order one, one just has to get lucky in a local Hermes or Neiman-Marcus boutique. (Actually, there are probably other authorized dealers, I just don't know who they are. Someone should list them.)

    Anyway, I thought it might be useful to have a thread where we post the available authentic Birkins, as soon as they're noticed, along with the price and place so that someone can pounce on their dream ASAP. Sound good?
  2. There is still the taupe/horsehair birkin 40cm available @ the Waikiki boutique: $7800 I think give or take a few hundred.

    There is also a 25cm red suede at the Ala Moana boutique, not sure of the pricing on this one.

    Awesome thread! I am on the lookout for one myself!
  3. OOh, great idea. I think we should do it for Kelly bags, too.
  4. Noriko - what are you looking for? I sense that you like exotic skins, crocodile and ostrich, but be specific and we'll all keep our eyes out!
  5. The only place to get a brand new Birkin is an Hermes boutique (NM only has scarves and little things like that.) But I'm sure there plenty of good consignment shops that sell used bags. Do you want new or will you take a used bag?
  6. Actually, I'm quite sure that my local NM carries Hermes bags. (NM - Troy, Michigan) Our closest Hermes boutique is 200+ miles away in Chicago, so perhaps NMs with nearby boutiques aren't allowed to carry bags? I'm just guessing.

    But personally, I'd be interested in genuine used Hermes bags.
  7. My bf is starting a new business, when it gets on its way and he sells a few new homes that he is building he said he will buy me a birkin. He promised to take me to Monte Carlo in the summer of 2007 , his family friends own a yatch the size of a cruise ship there, there are plenty of Birkins out there, hope to get one soon. My bf's grandfather also travels to Ukraine and around Europe for business so when I am ready to get one I will get one from one of the Hermes stores there. Oh wait and my parents are going to Germany ins October , perhaps I will ask them. I am willing to wait a little, but I am very excited to have one.
  8. Oh, I'm probably wrong - I think I've heard about the Troy NM before.
    Good used authentic Birkins are hard to find and worth their weight in gold! :smile::biggrin:

  9. I'm looking for either the matching birkin to my fuchsia ostrich planner, or maybe a gray in almost anything but the box calf. I want a 30cm, or possibly a 35cm. Or definitely a bicolor birkin (black/fuchsia piping/lining).

    I think the idea to open this to Kelly bags is a good one as well :biggrin: I am on the lookout for a bicolor Kelly as well. The matching to my agenda would be nice too.

    I'll probably end up going with something that grabs me at the boutique :lol: But ideally I'd want those:love: :love: :love: :nuts:
  10. if there's an hermes store near a NM, this particular NM won't carry any Hermes bags. near means within 50 miles or 100 miles, i don't remember the exact numbers. i went to the NM in palo alto, this guy told me that they don't carry hermes bags because there's an hermes store in San Fran. he said that i could call the NM in Minnesota, they should carry the bags, and if they have one in stock, i can ask them to ship it to my house. :idea:
  11. ^^^no wonder the NM here in CA SUCKS...everything is near it! Such a small island :lol:
  12. Yes! See that's why I think we actually have quite a nice selection in at the Neiman-Marcus in Troy. I'll be out there on Friday for the Chanel trunk show and report back!
  13. ^^^Can't wait! :biggrin:
  14. I suggest we just make this into a Hermes lovers thread! I could talk about Hermes for hours and neglect all sorts of domestic duties around my house!

    Okay, my dream Birkin is a 30 cm in Gold/Palladium (LOVE to find it in Chevre but it will probably end up being Togo. That's fine too.)

    I want my first Kelly to be a classic 28cm in black box, rigide with Palladium HW.

    My next H bag will most likely be a blue Jean Bolide 31 in Clemence.

    I also want a Blode 27 in fuschia chevre. Such a sweet, precious little bag I plan to use for evening or parties.

    I'm thinking of buying those cute "H" slides in gold leather for summer. Anyone ever try these on?
  15. coco-nut, can't wait, tell us all about it.:biggrin: