Birkin Look-A-Like

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I have been hearing a lot about a company in Italy that makes an amazing look-a-like bag to the Birkin. It is NOT a copy and they do not try to make it or sell it as a knock off. They basically make the exact same style bag down to every detail. THey have done so for a long time.

    You have your choice of leathers and colors etc. I am told the hardware is 24K gold plated if I am not mistaken. (or palladium) They are made completely by hand. When you place your order the bag is then made. Obviously, this would only peak your interest if you are not wanting to purchase the Hermes name, but wanted a quality bag. If you want the status and Hermes name I suppose you are laughing at me right now.

    Anyone familiar or heard of this? I am trying to get all the info to post here and share. I heard this through a friend etc.

    This leads me to ask the following...has anyone bought a look-a-like that was truly nice quality? Would you be so kind to share your story/info.
  2. i think i know what you are talking about. there is a shop on the famous via dei condotti in rome (the street that starts from piazza di spagna) that has look alikes. as far as i know, the quality is good and they are not trying to make knock offs or anything.
  3. I know this site, too. But, not for me. :smile:
    BTW, not laughing at you at all. I know someone who bought a blue Jean lookalike (not a fake, just a copy with no stamps) and loves it. I'm holding out for th real deal!
  4. Greentea, I do feel the same way as you. I would like to purchase the real deal and I am holding out myself. I do have a nice soft leather Kelly in black and I cherish it. My Birkin will be my more durable dream bag, since I am thinking about it so much.
  5. I have learned that Forzieri is not as good as Pierotucci...just to share.
  6. Oh! Thank you for saying so because I had actually been eyeing something on Forzieri, lol. Shoot, that helps me save money! Have you gotten anything off Pierotucci?
  7. To be honest, no I have yet to buy from them (almost did), but I met a man who filled me in on Pierotucci. He was extremely professional and he never knocked Forzieri, but he let me know that Pierotucci was far better. Pierotucci is all handmade. I met one person who purchased a birkin look alike and was totally thrilled. She said she would purchase again from them and raved about the service and how professional they are. They answer emails promptly and they are very nice. Let me know if you purchase something and what you think. Don't the conversion for the cost. I think you can go to for instant conversion and check with your credit card to see if they slip you any higher charges since they are in Europe. You wouldn't want any surprises. (Let me clarify...your credit card may charge you a fee for the exchange, so find out find out first)
  8. Thanks for the tips Kellybag...

    I think this is one of the better options available (no fake stamps), to try out a "look-a-like" bag before investing in an Hermes.

    On the Pierotucci site, they say their base is made out of wood. Is the Hermes base wood as well?
  9. That I cannot honestly answer...someone will soon, I am sure. I have no birkin and we all know that!

    Please pm me and let me know what you will order when you have time.
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  10. Will do, Kellybag. I'm sending PM now...

    For now, as a stay-home parent with obligations to family and home, I cannot justify a genuine Hermes just yet but definitely something I want to be getting with my own hard-earned money when I re-enter the workforce. Hopefully will have a genuine Birkin by the time I'm 50! (yipes).
  11. Yes, I am dying to know this too. I'd love to know how heavy their bag is!
  12. I like the idea of trying out a Birkin or Kelly first by purchasing one of these bags. Thanks for the info!