Birkin list

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  1. Hiya All! I'm usually on the Chanel subforum. With all the Chanel price hikes lately, I figure I should get one birkin for the price of 3 or 4 Chanel handbags. Anyway, how do I get on the list for a birkin in pink or fuschia, size 25 to 28? Or any size? I ask the Hermes store in Beverly Hills and South Coast Plaza in Calif. and the SA told me the list is closed until further notice. Well, then how in the world can I get on a list then? :sad:
  2. No luck here either. I have been popping into the H store in Singapore and also told to wait till the list is re-opened. Which seems like it will not re-open anytime. So I think it's best to fly to places where the birkin is available in the store.
  3. The list opens twice a year. In London it's February/March and July/'s after the bag buyer comes back from Paris and knows what they are able to sell to customers. They only get a certain allocation that they can sell and once the list is full that's it.

    Try calling your H store and asking if the list will be open again in July and they may give you an idea of at least what month. Be prepared to call frequently and be patient
  4. Thank you. :smile:
  5. Also, how long is the wait, if I'm able to get on one?
  6. Anywhere from 6-18 months depending on leather and size
  7. Do you think a 28 cm in fuchsia and silver hardward be hard to obtain? Skin doesn't matter as much.
  8. It all depends on what they have ordered. What you really need to do is speak to the SA who looks after bags and see if they would order a bag like that or if you need to do a special order
  9. Ok, that sounds like a good idea. Thanks!
  10. Birkins come in 30 and 35cm, HAC in 32cm, the Kelly in 28 and 32cm, which I assume is the approximate sizes you want? I don't think they make a 28 Birkin. I might be totally wrong though!:shame:
  11. Is 30 cm too big for someone that petite and only 5'1"? Btw, what does HAC stand for?
  12. I am 5'1 and I prefer the 30 cm Birkin as a handbag but you can use the 35 as a large tote. The HAC is the original Birkin, it is taller/ longer whereas the Birkin is more horizontal.
  13. Even at 5'1" you could easily carry a 35 which is the most popular size.

    HAC is Haut A Courroie and mostly chosen now for luggage
  14. Do you have pictures comparing the two?