Birkin "list" - true or fiction?

  1. I am interested in knowing others' opinions as to whether there is a "list." My opinion - there is not literally a list, but each store keeps track of regular customers who have requested a birkin or kelly, and try to get them sold with a phone call before hitting the floor. My experience is - this is done at the discretion of each store and store manager, the object of the exercise being to sell the bags efficiently, without fuss or muss, not to be "democratic" about it.

    My personal experience is, sometimes I go for months or years without being able to buy a certain bag that I am looking for, but then I get flooded with calls with several bags in rapid succession. So the "list/no list" explanation above is the only one I can come up with.

  2. ^ There is a rumor about this. I jusy don't know for sure. It DOES vary quite a bit from store to store. :smile:
  3. I don't believe there is a list. I believe each SA has a list they keep, and then call. It's to their discretion on who they 'want' on this list and call. That has been my experience..... She also said, what makes things more difficult on their end is when a customer will only buy a specific leather on a color they want. In which case, these people go to the 'bottom' of her list. I find the whole experience funny.....
  4. This was my experience--I actually saw my name go on a list in a binder- (this was about 5-6 years ago) with my Birkin leather/color preference-durable leather/dark color, preferably brown or black. I was on the list about 2 years. I made absolutely no follow up calls--just got a phone call one day to see if I was still interested because the person ahead of me on the list had turned it down.
  5. I know some stores(very few) still accept Special orders on Birkins and Kellys and a lot of stores don't accept SO. Most of stores write customers names and what they want. Then, they call customers around on the list (one SA called it 'wish list?') if something pops up...
  6. A friend and I went into my local Hermes shop and she asked about the availability of a Birkin. My SA said that the "list" is about 2-3 years long, but if she came in more frequently and since he knew me, he might be able to put her higher up on the "list" so the wait would only be a year. I agree with all the above observations, if you maintain a relationship with the SA, they are more likely to be on the lookout for the bag that you want or make an effort to put in an order for you. I'm not completely sold on the idea that there is an official "list".
  7. Do I dare say this on a public forum? There is a store in the USA that when it receives their birkins, the manager locks herself in her office and personally distributes what she wants to the SA's.
    I believe it varies from store to store. I do believe if they have a relationship with a customer they will call them again for another bag rather than giving it to a new client.
  8. IMO, it varies from store to store. But the most important part of the equation is the customer. The better the customer, the better the chance of a SO. The customer who buys Hermes clothing is favored over one who wants to buy only a Birkin. Is this not as it is in all business, the better the customer, the better the service.
  9. so would is be better to of developed a relationship with the manager him/herself instead of the SAs?

    But I think the managers are not as friendly and talkative to newer clients than the SAs... :sad:
  10. IMO, the best course is stick with one SA and buy clothing. I know it is EXPENSIVE, but it is the very best and classic enough to work year after year.

  11. wow....I love that you're here, CDL!!
  12. Hmmm ... well then, everything makes sense now. guess i'll never get anything from my list then :Push:
  13. ok here is what i have been told and explained by my manager :

    there are different types of so called lists :
    number a.) the "real" list of orders for orders placed by good customers. each and every store has a bag quota (number of bags they get ans can order each year) out of this quotaa the manger gives numbers of bags to each SA and these sa´s can divide them between customers. so if your sa offers you a birkin out of that quota you can order and specify leather colour hardware etc (of course only will go throgh if the combo is offered at podium). the store notes everything down and then when the bag pops up you receive a call

    next list :
    the "wishlist" as everyy store also gets in bags on top of ther order quota (bags the store has no influence on regarding colour etc) when these bags pop in usually the best customers also get priority and receive a call it goes from best customer to "one timers" so if your sa noted your name and none of the regulars want the bag you may receive a call they have your bag that is the thing with the long year waitlists. chances are better as higher you are on their priority list

    and the last list the manager list :
    out of the order lists (the podium list) the manager resereves a lot for his boutique ( these bags are the ones going on display or in the back) the manager usually orders new colours basics and highly demanded bags . when these appear in the store a part of them are displayed for everyone up for grabs the others are int he back waiting for either regulars to be called or for the lucky ones who just happen to click or also for tourist popping in buying a lot of silks ready to wear and get a birkin or kelly to ccomplete the look.
  14. ^ you, Lilach!!!!! You always have the info!!
  15. Lilach, your explanation makes the most sense to me - it reconciles virtually everything I have been told previously by my sales assistants at the two stores in the cities I have lived in (DC and NY), plus my own experience in the last two birkins.

    Last question - how much money do you guys feel has to be thrown at the situation (I mean, how much are you expected to spend in the store) to qualify as a good customer. The clothes are obviously extraordinarily expensive, although it would not be hard to find something you liked in there, particularly coats or sweaters.