Birkin Linings

  1. Apologies to the ladies if there is already a thread with this question:

    Anyone have a Clemence Birkin with Chevre lining?

    I just want to know what the open (non zippered) comparent on the inside is lined with. Claudia said its the other side of the leather, but I looked at an auction of a Birkin I'm eyeing and the interior of that one looks almost like suede wheres mine feels sort of like , I don't know, soft velvet pipecleaner type fabric. I wish I could take a pic but my camera card is being borrowed by friends. To make a long story short- please post pictures of your Birkin pockets!!

  2. Actually mine is soft like a suede but feels like the pipecleaner too. Sounds wierd, I know. I'm sure this is standard, I just want to see your pics to compare.
  3. Croissant - my Kelly pockets have the same as what your describing.....(the pipecleaner thing!!)
  4. Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one to call it out as pipecleaner. I'm guess it just IS the flipside of the leather because honestly, why would anyone actively seek to line a bag with that- its so bizarre!
    Also- glad you're back!
  5. Anyone else out there??
  6. Do Kelly linings also count?
  7. sure, i guess so since they are lined with the same thing. :yes:
  8. My Birkin is Clemence. I've got a pic of mine:smile: Yup, that suedish pipecleaner? stuff, lol. Like raw leather.
  9. ^ Same with mine!
  10. thanks guys!!! :smile:
    mine is black and the lining is grey. yours is potiron (?) and is lined orangey too. how funny. i love Hermes!
  11. I was carrying my Evelyn clemence all day yesterday and the whole interiour is that pipe cleaner stuff. It's so soft! (But so weird to reach in and touch, esp'ly when digging for keys!)
  12. Lol! Love how we've invented a new word.. "The Pipecleaner.":lol::lol::lol:
  13. Hi, it's totally normal for the 'lining' to have a similar colour than the leather. It would be technically impossible to have another colour because what you are looking at is not 'lining' per se, it is simply the backside of the hide you are looking at.