Birkin Lining, Lambskin?

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  1. Hi guys,

    Was wondering if any of you have ever seen a Birkin lined in soft lambskin leather? I recently purchased a pre-owned clemence birkin from a very trusted/known seller on ebay and have just received it. I have even taken it out for a little outing today. However, this is a first for me as I have never seen a birkin with a lambskin lining. I have a 35 box and 40 clemence purchased from the boutique and they are both lined in chevre goat skin so I am wondering if any of you have or own one or have seen one lined in lambskin. Any response or feedback greatly appreciated :tup: Thanks guys!
  2. I have handled a very old early model pre Birkin which had a smooth lambskin lining :o)
  3. I hope this Helps.
  4. docride, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you! :yahoo: With your knowledge and expertise, of course it is a big help :smile: My 35 clemence however is a more recent model, stamped I. I guess we will find out soon enough as I will be sending her in for a "spa" and if the bag is returned unrefurbished.. we will have our answer. Thank you again for your response!
  5. I have to admit I would be a tad concerned, since it is an I stamp. Anything is possible however.

    Clemence is soft to be lined with such a soft leather as lambskin.
    Keep us posted.
  6. I definitely am concerned golconda, but I am working with an A+ ebay reseller and a definite professional :tup: She has promised a full refund if they refuse to take it in to get it refurbished/cleaned up. So will definitely keep you posted on the matter, thanks for the support!
  7. I just had a thought, maybe bag was a special order with lambskin.....
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    Hermes have been using lambskin lining for all Bolides, Constance and some Kellys and Birkins.
    Among Kellys and Birkins, white bags ( Veau graine, Clemence , even EPSOM, were lined with lambskin untill 2007.)

    May I ask what color is your Birkin? Would you post pictures ?

    Also, SWIFT bags are lined in SWIFT. that could be easily taken for lambskin as it is so soft.

    Also, some Gulliver bags were lined in Gulliver, wich as well could easily be taken for lambskin as it is so soft.
  9. Hi Perlerare, thanks so much for that jam packed input! My 35 clemence is white. Would that explain the lambskin lining? It is stamped I for 2006, is that correct?
  10. I believe a very light color as Blue Pale Clemence could be lined with lambskin too....

    A special ordered lining s also possible since lambskin is actually available as a lining for Bolides....( in all colors of Clemence!)
  11. I wish I could post up photos, but I haven't gotten a chance to take any yet.

  12. I is for 2005 !!!!

    YEPEE !!! ENJOY THE BAG !!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  13. No need !
  14. Jeez, I can't even do simple math when I am this worried and anxious! lol.. I honestly hope it is authentic as I love the color so, been looking for one in white at the right price for awhile now and will be sending it to Manuela at BH to just be sure :smile: Thanks so much perlerare for your help and knowledgeable info, appreciate it!
  15. So do you mean to say that up til 2007, all white and most light colored clemence Birkins are lined with Lambskin?