Birkin = laptop bag?

  1. would you carry your laptop in your 35 or 40 cm box Birkin or would that be too much weight, ie. make dents/marks?
  2. I carry my Sony Vaio in my 2001 35 cm clemence Birkin perhaps 2-3 times a year on 3-4 day trips and the bag is fine...I keep it in a bubble-wrap envelope in the bag.
  3. I feel that the weight over time would stretch the handles. That said, I have a 40cm that is pretty beat up. I would not hesitate to carry a laptop in it. It is already beat.
  4. Good question. Would love to hear feedback from those of you who have used your 35cm Birkin was your work bag? Pros and Cons.
  5. I would never consider my 35s work bags, but I have on one occasion put a very small laptop in it. It's difficult to hang on to as it blocks the handles a bit and does make it heavy. I have a 40cm togo birkin that is super soft and I can get a very large laptop, shoes, sweater, large makeup bag,'s like the whole kitchen sink will fit. That said, it's still in good condition, but I wouldn't expect to get $8K or $9K if I decided to sell it. It's a great "stuff everything" in bag.
  6. Great question - I was just wondering this myself earlier this week! Lady Emma, thanks for your insight!
  7. You could do it, but it would be too heavy for me.
    I'd rather use a Garden party or that gorgeous Whitebus tote!
  8. my laptop can fit in both my 30 birkin and 32 HAC. I carried it around all the time, it make the bag heavier of course but it is manageable.
  9. I was thinking that would be a good use for a 32 HAC as it is taller. Can anyone tell me what the HAC is all about? I don't understand why they would make a bag so similar to the birkin...which came first? Is the HAC meant for travel and the birkin simply for day?
  10. The HAC (Haut au courroies) was the original bag Hermes designed. It's slightly taller than the Birkin and has shorter handles. It was Jane Birkin and her diaper bag woes that inspired the Birkin. She felt that a shorter, wider bag would be easier for access to contents.
    Also, the HAC has slightly different HW and now, a square turnlock.
  11. Thanks, Greentea!:smile:
    I need to do a little research.
  12. i use my HAC 36 togo for work which means i often carry my laptop in it.
    I dont feel any changes and my SA said it shouldnt be any problem...
    Except my bag weights every day over 5kg!!!:sad:
  13. I have a lightweight Sony Vaio that slips nicely into my 35 -- and I do carry it in there from time to time.
  14. seems I can safely carry my powerbook in my future black box calf 40 cm B without making any damage :wlae:

    thanks ladies
  15. On Box probably OK, but not Togo or Swift...the softer leather handles will stretch IMHO.