Birkin/Kelly with scarves

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Jun 29, 2006
I was browsing all the scarves posted by wonderful chic ladies :graucho: of hermes forum... i was thinking how many of you ladies accessories your bags with scarves or charms??

Some ladies prefer the classic look of the bag by itself.. some choose to enhance the classic birkin/kelly look with a scarf or a charm.

My next visit to the Hermes boutique would be dedicated to scarves, so please any thoughts or inputs are highly appreciated!!:flowers:

P.S. Shopmom, i just LOVE how you chose to pleat your pink/white scarf it looks divine. It will definitely look gorgeous on a Fuchsia birkin:love:
I leave my 30 cm classic black with its original lock but depending upon what I am wearing will sometimes add a twilly or scarf. My 35cm gold I have the sail boat cadena (love it) and sometimes add a scarf. I think the scarves look especially good on the larger bags so they don't look as large (especially a 40). Have fun and enjoy!
pinkish_love, I really like seeing our H bags accessorized with scarves, twillys and charms.

Here is my Paris Bombay with her Tohu Bohu.....


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LOVE it, Susi!!!!

I accessorize each bag with it's own cadenas EXCEPT for the Kelly with Ruthenium and the HAC with Ruthenium because I don't want to detract from the hardware, KWIM? I also do NOT accessorize my vintage Croc or Kelly. They are in a class by themselves!!!

um......i also have a pocket square for each bag..........i'm hopeless......
isus, have the same twilly...isn't it the best! Goes with everything. I agree that some bags stand on their own and shouldn't be tricked up. Also agree that the larger bags need something to soften them up. Didn't really like my 35cm black kelly until recently when I started wearing the Bohu twilly on it. I tend to leave my smalller Birkins alone with perhaps a twilly or candena. Mostly wear things on Kellys. I particularly like the cadenas on the Bolides. The pochette is as large a piece as I like to go as far a a scarf is concerned.
I don't do much accessorizing unless you count the odd cadenas. I just like the way the bags look on their own (and it's less of a worry for me since I'm sure I'd pull/tear/soil any poor scarf that happens to be hanging onto one of my bags!).

Doesn't stop me from accessorizing myself, though. ;)
^^I love to accessorize my Evelyne, and find that the pocket squares work the best!!! I also have the same Tohu Bohu Twilly (my FIRST) and like to use it on my ponytail, or on my HAC bag and or my red Kelly. I leave the Indigo box alone, b/c I like the sleekness of it!:smile:

IMO, You need to get something Orange for a Scarf....I got one and love it so much that I can't use it YET?:sad:
No accessories on my bags. I think they shine best on their own. On the JPG Birkin I don't even put the lock on as it weighs a ton. I'm starting to like the look of the cadena, but I think my customary inertia will prevent me from acquiring any.
Watering Can cadena on my Bolide, waiting for the cadena to wear on my Trim, Kelly goes accessory-free, black boxcalf - need I say more? LOL!

Trim ALWAYS wears a scarf - SO 70's!! GP wears the fruit charms sometimes (but it's such a casual bag, a scarf seems a bit much to me).

WHEN the Birkin arrives, I'll probably wear it accessory-free, unleaa it has pall h/w, in which case the hunt will be in for another sterling silver cadena!
Because I wear an H scarf or pocket square most days, I don't like to put them on my bags - too much! But, except for my Kelly with ruthenium h/w (I seem to be copying Shopmom!), I love to put cadenas on all my bags, not just the Kellys. For a while this summer, I was hanging my Chinese lantern charm from the strap thingy on my orange Picotin.
when i bought my birken in st. barth, in february of 1999,
katherine gave me the retour a la terre pocket square as a gift.
i was so touched by her thoughtfulness.
i just love it and have worn it on my bag ever since,
when it is not being washed.

nothing on my evelyne!
I do let my Birkins and Kellys wear Twillys, scarves, pochettes, charms, the special locks etc. By doing so, I personalise the bags and I can play dress-up with them - they're worth the extra time. And I always get lots of compliments with the accessories, so I love doing it :smile: