Birkin/kelly quota per customer - what is the current policy?

  1. I have heard various conflicting things about this. What is the current policy? Traditionally, a store could only sell a given customer one birkin and one kelly per calendar year. However, recently there seems to be no limit on kelly bags, and the birkin limit seems discretionary in the larger stores. Does any one have any current information about this?
  2. the policy is not company wide. it is dictated by store management. it is also on a case by case basis with various customers. if you buy certain dollar amounts of other things there is no arbitrary limit.
  3. I bought two kelly bags in one visit and would have bought a third but the store manager pooh-poohed it. At the time I was disappointed but now I'm glad.
  4. My local store's policy (as of summer '07) was one Kelly and one Birkin per year. I have not encountered this constraint at FSH but also have not inquired specifically. I suspect it is individualized depending on your relationship with that store/SA.
  5. My local H adhere's to a 1 kelly and 1 birkin per customer per year policy.
  6. ^ Mine is supposed to but ultimately $$$ talks.