Birkin/Kelly Hardware: GH or PH


H & LV Mommy
Oct 29, 2005
Hi Birkin & Kelly Girls,
i've noticed that most of you tend to favor/purchase palladium hardware rather than gold hardware. Other than matching your hardware with your jewellery (gold jewellery with gold hardware / diamonds & platinum jewellery with PH)...

Can you tell us what is your reason to favor one type of hardware over another?
also, is it true that H will no longer make birkin/kelly in gold hardware?
thanks alot of your input~ :smile:
Hello, lil.....don't know about H no longer making Birkin/Kelly in gold h/w.....I have not heard about that....but, I don't favor one over the other.

I wouldn't turn down a bag I really wanted ( leather, color ) just because of the you have a preference and would you?
i have a preference over GH, but i dont use any gold jewellery, rather diamonds & platinum... i just feel GH looks more elegant & classy... but is PH more scratch resistant, or its just abt the same?
I wear white gold predominately...

I have one black bag with GH and two black bags with them all... H has "cured" me of my OCD regarding hardware match...
I love GH but my 1st H bag has PH (its BJ and I love BJ with PH) and my 2nd will probably have PH too because I want a black JPG Kelly and I think the PH will make it easier to wear for both day and evening. But I want my future Birkin to have gold HW because I have a gold Hippo cadena and think he'd look so cute on a Rouge H or Noisette Birkin. :smile:
I like both - for me it depends on the colour of the bag, not my jewellery or other reasons. For instance, i love gold h/w on gold, browns, and funnily enough, Blue Jean (but we all know I'm a bit of a weirdo). I also like it on Navy and Black. (My black boc Kelly has Pall h/w though - go figure...)
I don't think Hermes will ever discontinue gold hardware. It was the first hardware metal they used, after nickel.....interestingly in Europe, gold jewellery is back in vogue, and gold hardware is making a HUGE comeback in Hermes bags.
I love the way gold just glows though against some colors - Gold against Gold or Caramel or Noisette just really glows!!! Ruthenium against black is just beautiful IMO. So....I think it's not so much what jewelery I choose to wear....more maybe how the hardware stands against the color/leather of the bag itself.
I've always been a palladium lover but as I am searching ebay and all the pf threads I am leaning towards gold......and I've ALWAYS been a silver person! There is something about gold that is so rich looking....but-I wouldn't turn down a bag based on hardware!