Birkin/Kelly Hardware: GH or PH

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  1. Hi Birkin & Kelly Girls,
    i've noticed that most of you tend to favor/purchase palladium hardware rather than gold hardware. Other than matching your hardware with your jewellery (gold jewellery with gold hardware / diamonds & platinum jewellery with PH)...

    Can you tell us what is your reason to favor one type of hardware over another?
    also, is it true that H will no longer make birkin/kelly in gold hardware?
    thanks alot of your input~ :smile:
  2. Hello, lil.....don't know about H no longer making Birkin/Kelly in gold h/w.....I have not heard about that....but, I don't favor one over the other.

    I wouldn't turn down a bag I really wanted ( leather, color ) just because of the you have a preference and would you?
  3. i have a preference over GH, but i dont use any gold jewellery, rather diamonds & platinum... i just feel GH looks more elegant & classy... but is PH more scratch resistant, or its just abt the same?
  4. I wear white gold predominately...

    I have one black bag with GH and two black bags with them all... H has "cured" me of my OCD regarding hardware match...
  5. I love GH but my 1st H bag has PH (its BJ and I love BJ with PH) and my 2nd will probably have PH too because I want a black JPG Kelly and I think the PH will make it easier to wear for both day and evening. But I want my future Birkin to have gold HW because I have a gold Hippo cadena and think he'd look so cute on a Rouge H or Noisette Birkin. :smile:
  6. I can't imagine H not making gold hardware anymore on the Birkin/Kelly...where did you hear this? I favor gold hardware...looks classic.
  7. I like both - for me it depends on the colour of the bag, not my jewellery or other reasons. For instance, i love gold h/w on gold, browns, and funnily enough, Blue Jean (but we all know I'm a bit of a weirdo). I also like it on Navy and Black. (My black boc Kelly has Pall h/w though - go figure...)
    I don't think Hermes will ever discontinue gold hardware. It was the first hardware metal they used, after nickel.....interestingly in Europe, gold jewellery is back in vogue, and gold hardware is making a HUGE comeback in Hermes bags.
  8. ^^I love gold hardware on blue jean too!!
  9. It's funny, LH, isn't it? When I think about it, it sounds like a terrible combination, but when I see it, I love it...
  10. I used to be a palladium only person but now I've began to love gold HW, too on some bags.
  11. both hw choices are lovely...I just think some leather colors look better with certain hw than others.
  12. I love it's so retro! I have been checking Ebay and so many Birkins have palladium I love gold!
  13. I love the way gold just glows though against some colors - Gold against Gold or Caramel or Noisette just really glows!!! Ruthenium against black is just beautiful IMO. So....I think it's not so much what jewelery I choose to wear....more maybe how the hardware stands against the color/leather of the bag itself.
  14. I've always been a palladium lover but as I am searching ebay and all the pf threads I am leaning towards gold......and I've ALWAYS been a silver person! There is something about gold that is so rich looking....but-I wouldn't turn down a bag based on hardware!
  15. i dunno, but i've read it somewhere on PF or a blog... :rolleyes:
    i'm so glad its not true, coz i want GH very badly... LOL~