Birkin & Kelly go on a sale ???

  1. I heard that birkin and kelly are very very rarely sold on sale in Paris or NYC with
    s stamp on it, and the Hermes employees can get them first..
    Does anybody know about this?
    Have you guys heard about this???
  2. I know once and awhile you see an S stamp bag on eBay so they must exist. The likelihood of getting one during the sale is probably 1 in a zillion. (technical term). It's hard enough to get a regular bag in the store it would be impossible to get a certain bag on sale
  3. Thanks! so it must exist... if a lucky employee gets it, she/he can sell it on eBay or whereever with premium, right?
    by the way what does the s stamp look like???
  4. The S stamp is blind stamped next to the yearly stamp. I've seen them on Ebay and they definitely sell for much less than without the S.
  5. I thought the S was next to the Hermes Paris Made in France stamp on the face of the bag.
  6. interesting to know this... thanks:yes:
  7. So there is a sale! Would this be at the actual store?
  8. yes..this is what I heard of... but 'below' the hermes paris made in france stamp..
  9. it depends on the country.

    paris, yes but nyc, it's another place..
  10. H sales in Paris are not held at the FSH store, but somewhere else....
  11. Yes they do go on sale, but if they put that darn s stamp in full view:throwup:

    I have a vintage Sandrine bag that has an s stamp, but they did it very nicely and placed it on the gusset fold inside of the bag. I had no idea it was there until recently!