Birkin/Kelly and being "age appropriate"

  1. Hi all, I'm new to Hermes so please excuse my ignorance. I'm not too sure if this issue has been discussed yet; if it has, could someone please direct me to the relevant thread? :shame:

    I'm turning 25 soon and am planning to purchase my first Kelly bag next year. Do you think i'm still too young to be carrying an Hermes bag? Is there such thing as being "age appropriate"? I would consider my dress style as being mature and conservative. I usually wear jeans, a silk cami, cardigan and heels when i go out.

    BTW, when did you ladies purchase your first Birkin/Kelly?
  2. 20 something is not to young...You're never to young for anything timeless and classic....I did not discover H until my late 30's....
  3. I am sure a Kelly would look very nice on you and complement your look.
  4. Hi Anhy22! Welcome! Happy Birthday early! What a great present for yourself! Whatever you think looks good on you! Have you tried a Kelly or Birkin? I think anything would be fine. Good luck!
  5. Rather than being a question of age - I think its more an issue of personal style. Hermes bags work great with certain styles irrespective of the age of the owner. For me if you're look is classic chic and pulled together - the Kelly will look fabulous! The birkin is classic chic too but more sportif. For me I think - Audrey Hepburn style = Kelly, Katherine Hepburn = birkin.

    25's a cool age - and no certainly not too young. If you were 12-15 I might think you were too young. But 25 not!
  6. I purchased my 1st Kelly at 28 (I am 29 this year). I love its elegance, however, it can also be chic. I wear jeans, a cardigan and a pair of flats in all events everyday (for grocery, shopping, movies....), with my Kelly. I really like the casual look of retourne and the formal look of Sellier. If I could have been introduced to this brand earlier (and could afford it), I would have gotten it at 20, or even 18.
  7. ^^ Because of your potiron, DL, I am really thinking about a Kelly now. You wear it so well!

  8. I completely agree with the above--very well said. It sounds like your style works well with a Kelly, so, no worries.
  9. i got my first birkin & kelly at 21 so you're not too young trust me =). Welcome to the dark side btw. Once you get a Hermes bag theres no turning back. Everything else just seems like its subpar in terms of quality.
  10. I just got my first Kelly this year at age 27, a 32cm orange swift with phw.
    My uniform is skinny jeans, tall boots, and a loose cashmere sweater. So pretty casual and the kelly goes great! I think the rigide is a bit too dressy for me though. Hopefully I will get my Birkin next year.
  11. Thanks for your response everyone. I'm feeling a lot more confident about the Kelly purchase now. Unfortunately i wont be able to buy one till next year because i've blown my budget on Chanel bags this year :sweatdrop: It's a shame though because there's a lovely 28cm Kelly at my local boutique at the moment. Apparently it's a new colour, called PARCHMENT (offwhite/greyish) :heart:
  12. ^^ Cant u squeeze a little money out?.. Ha.. Just kidding.. Spend wat u can. Anyway back to the topic. Im 24 this yr just got a 30 Birkin. IMO Kelly is more mature looking than birkin. But since u dress "mature" u should be able to caryy Kelly off perfectly. Good Luck!!
  13. Wow you're one lucky gal! I know what you mean! Once i discovered Chanel, LV was like a dirty word :yucky: Oh dear, i'm afraid that i will abandon all my other bags once i've got the Kelly ...
  14. Yes, definitely wait until you can afford it.

    Btw, I bought my first H bag in my 30s. It's been a tumultous ride ever since.
  15. :lol::lol::lol: