Birkin JPG vs. Lindy 30

  1. Hi Everyone! Ok as feb podium orders begin arriving i have some SERIOUS doubts in my head. Let me give you some background info...I am expecting a BJ JPG Birkin. I currently have 2 35cm birkins, 1 in clemance the other in togo. I do find the clemance VERY heavy. i am very excited about finally getting a shoulder H bag to tote around!! BUT i have concerns about the JPG just being TOO big and TOO heavy and have been thinking a lot about the Lindy (fyi- i'm 5'4" 115lbs).

    Am i crazy??? Would you guys pass up a JPG and get a Lindy instead? I can not afford to do both right now..or else I definitely would!

    I also like the fact that i can take the Lindy out with me at night to a quick bite or the movies...the JPG to be is definitely a day bag.

    PLEASE HELP!!! You guys have so much experience and I always learn so much:smile:
  2. I am about your height and weigh about 97lb (size 0), but I LOVE JPG shoulder Birkins! I have no problem with JPG Birkins in clemance and in crocodile. Shiny crocodile has an effect of looking little bit bigger than in other leather in the same size due to the shiny-effect, but I am very happy with my crocodile JPG birkin and clemance ones as well.

    I mean if you are not comfortable with the size, then it's not for you. But if you like big bags, JPG should not be a problem. My DH is always honest with me to decide together on my purchases. My DH does not think my JPG shoulder Birkins look big on me at all...and my family and friends do not think so, either..(maybe because all of them are severe Hermes addicts:p..)

    As I mentioned, if you think it's big, then it's big for you. However, if you think the size is okay for you, you would love your bag. I personally think JPG shoulder Birkin is great!:heart:

    I have a picture of my JPG croc. Birkin in my laptop now. I hope this picture helps you to get an idea of JPG Birkin size on my height and size.
  3. aspen -- WOWZA both you and the bag!!!
  4. see i would think a jpg could easily go from day to night but a lindy seems like a purely day bag to me...
  5. I love my Jpg! my vote is to keep that one. ;)

    Aspen, you are just gorgeous and that croc jpg is amazing! thanks for posting the picture!
  6. thank you ladies! I was also thinking the jpg might be harder to come by where as if i want the lindy later it will be easier to find:flowers:
  7. OMG Aspen! :drool::drool::drool: Holy !@#$% that croc JPG is a stunner.

    When you mentioned that the JPG might be too big on you, I thought of Rockerchic and how she totally rocks her new JPG. You should check out the thread for inspiration, you might end up erasing any doubt in your mind ;)
  8. I have the JPG in ebene. I love it!!! I use it for day and in the evening for dinner. I don't find clemence or the JPG all that heavy, and I have several H accessories in my bag.
    I don't think I would pass on a JPG, especially in BJ. That is a very popular color and goes quickly. The JPG does not come along that often.
    BUT-- its your decision - so go with your gut feeling.
  9. I think you should just try it on and see, if the ergonomics of the JPG is not good for you, you can then get the lindy without reservations. I think what you are saying is that the Lindy would fill a void in your collection and it is something that you would actually use... but the JPG is hard to pass! Good luck!
  10. for what its worth i have one of each and i prefer lindy by far..easier to use..much lighter..and more practical....jpg is cool no doubt but very heavy and no pockets for anything.
  11. LuxChic, I will not deny that the Clemence JPG SB is heavy. It's full leather afterall. But unlike a hand carry as in a regular Birkin, swinging this onto your shoulder helps to distribute the weight, and it won't be long before you ignore the weight issue. It's a matter of getting used to. Build some muscles in the mean time.

    Yes, I hear that it will get harder and harder to obtain the SB in future. I posted this in one of the other SB threads. Even a celebrity hair stylist in my country was turned down when he requested for one. And he's a VVIP at BOTH our H stores.

    Here are some JPG SB pictures for some serious enabling!
    JPG Denim.jpg JPG Potiron.jpg JPG print.jpg JPG white.jpg
  12. All this feedback is very helpful. once it comes in I will try it on put my stuff in and know for sure how it feels/looks on me. my problem is i have never seen one in person.

    i ordered because it appealed to me so much! A birkin you can wear on the shoulder! Divine:smile:
  13. great pics, mrs.s!! Thank you.
  14. Here's baghag's ....
    baghag's JPG.jpg
  15. Here's all in the bag's ....
    AllintheBag JPG.jpg