Birkin interior-ever a different color?

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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a million years, but I do lurk! Anyway, I have my eye on a pre-loved Birkin and I am almost certain it's authentic, but the lining is a different color. Is this ever the case, besides custom bags?

  2. Yes it might be one of the "candy" version bags. Does it have a shoe horn stamp next to the "Hermes made in France" stamp?
  3. The best advice is to post in the "Authenticate this Bag" thread before you go any further. Follow the directions regarding pictures to provide, and some of our generous experts there will be able to guide you as to the legitimacy of this bag. As xiangxiang said, this could be a "Candy" Birkin or a special order, which as far as I know are the only Birkin categories that would come with a contrasting lining.
  4. Thanks ladies! I will probably post it in the authenticate thread, good idea.

    It's definitely not a candy Birkin; it's oooooold, which is why I'm concerned.
  5. Authenticate thread is your best bet as old SO bags do nt come with horseshoe stamp... So you can't really tell. But contrast lining vintage bags do exist.
  6. there are many bags floating around with different colored interiors. it was quite the fad for a while (maybe still is).