birkin in the beach

  1. Please help me with this, what do you think about using birkins to go to the beach?!? I never worn one, because I tought it was kind of pretentious and also because I was afraid of damaging the bag, the Airbag is much more proprer, but I don´t have an Airbag, and I´m not thinking about buying one...Rather spend more and buy another birkin...
    But, I was wondering, should we use our birkins to the beach? Or should we leave them to the city, airports, fashion shows, dates, and whatever, without sand, salt, and burning sun...
  2. I've seen pictures of celebrities (I think at least Lindsey L) with their birkins at the beach.
  3. Deeeeepend, I think.

    A bright, fun colour, at a get-together with stylish bohemian types, probably yes.

    A lets-go-swimming, maybe throw a beer or some liquor in the mix, unattended while I go play in the water deal? Naaaaaaah bring something light and airy, that you can spill suntan lotions, water bottles, and even the occasional beer in or on. You will be much happier with that. :graucho:
  4. Good answer!!! Def. For those get-togethers I mightuse my orange with palladium hardware,
    But for regular beach days I´m open to sugestions....
  5. Just think of how you would feel if you got salt water or suntan lotion on your bag... if it freaks you out, then a Birkin at the beach is not for you. You may be careful, but what about all the other people at the beach. What if someone bumps into your bag and they grease it up?
  6. Why not? I think the leather and toile combination birkins/hacs would be practical and go well with the azure setting. I remember seeing a bw photo of 40cm HAC in clemence and toile, and a JPG Birkin in white clemence featured in a beach photo spread in Le Monde D'Hermes Nbr 46 in 2005. I think any BJ or Thalassa blue birkin especially with white stitching and palladium hardware would lalso ook great and inspiring in this warm setting. Just tuck in a linen or light cashmere scarf that you can use to cover/shade your birkin in case it gets too hot. Just gently vacuum out any sand particles on the toile when you get home and gently wipe with a damp eyeglass cloth the metal hardware which may have a little of dried sea breeze and salt in them.
  7. guys guys...akes me want to bring my orange 40 cm birkin to the beach guys are BAD!


  8. I love how you think, JH!!!
  9. Might my orange 40 join you?...we'd be twins :winkiss:!
  10. twins full of sand and salt... haha:p mine I think for now will stay at home, they say the sun is dangerous to our skin, so should be dangerous to our birkins too... And Hermès just launched a new parfum, but as far as I know they don´t have sunblock for their, I mean our, leathergoods!!!! :supacool:

  11. well, at least the orange is already on the reddish side so I am not afraid of any red skin afterwards;)

    hee hee:roflmfao:
  12. are yellow birkins?!?! I have never seen one lol) the yellow´s to the beach, they are all FIRE COLORS:mad:

  13. I'm too busy getting smashed (oh yeah, Corona with a lime!), trying to get a tan and eating while hanging out at the beach. It's a miracle I bring a towel and a magazine with me when I'm soaking up the sun :p I could never bring a bag with me! But it's all about personal preference and what works with your lifestyle ;) Leather and toile would be kind of cool, as JH suggested.
  14. depends on the beach!
  15. i don't see anything wrong with taking your birkin to the beach if you're comfortable with it there! i'd be nervous about taking mine but that's a personal preference. i think it would be cool :biggrin: