Birkin in Rouge H...but which leather?

  1. I love Rouge H for the birkin, but can't decide which leather. Or hardware.

    What's your favourite leather for rouge H...and with which hardware...and why...

    TIA :cutesy:
  2. Chamonix! Then it comes with a white topstitch. Rouge H in chamonix with brushed palladium HW! DROOL-O-RAMA!
  3. Rouge H Box is the best IMO. But I don't think Paris has produced it recently. All the Rouge H I have been seeing are Rouge H Vache Liegee and Rouge H Swift.
  4. Love that color with just pops!
  5. box gold hardware - i just looove it
    chamonix PH - a bit cooler and blueisher than box and i love the matte finish

    other then that i like it also in vl, fjord (both very darkish blackred)clemence (the brightest of them)swift (o n the brownish side)and matte croc . not too fond of rouge h in chevre or shiny croc
  6. Rouge H in Chevre is amazing but I don't know if it's ava for a birkin right now.
  7. Rouge H in box is amazing!:drool:
  8. Rouge H in box with gold hardware...gorgeous!!
  9. another vote for box
  10. Rouge H in Box with Gold Hardware, breathtaking, nothing compares.
  11. Rouge H in Box with gold will always be my favorite for this color!!!!

    AGREED! (you have great taste BTW)
  12. Absolutely!! Just classic.
  13. I have it in clemence with palladium, but love it in box as well.
  14. I just ordered one in swift with gold h/w. :heart:
  15. I LOVE rouge H in box with GHW. But I can't get it, so I went with rouge h in fjord with PHW (it's almost the opposite direction ). I love it too . The color in Fjord is a very rich burgundy color. It's a perfect work bag for me because it is understated and durable.