Birkin in Paris

  1. mY friend is going to Paris this week and i wanted to ask her to check out the Hermes store there for birkins
    1. Does the Paris store carry more inventory??
    2. is there any reputable reseller place in Paris she can check for me?
    3. Do Hermes store carry basic color and leather eg. black togo. Reading the past posts seems like the stores carry special or more expensive birkin eg. croc. The black or red togo or clemence seems to be reserved for ppl already.
    i'm having a difficult time being put on a list for a birkin so it seems the only luck i have will be to visit the Vegas store in May and my friend going to Paris. i'm trying to avoid eBay and resellers cause they jack the prices so high. i live in Canada and the Hermes store there won't put me on a list cause i have no purchase history w/ them.
    thanks everyone for their awesome inputs and advice
  2. I am thinking that you will need a 'purchase history' wherever you go. Even in Paris/Vegas, I think going in and buying a few things will make a Birkin offer more likely. You may be lucky and see a birkin on the floor but it's unlikely to be a basic color.
  3. 1. The Paris store is a big store so yes they will have more inventory than a mall Hermes. However, this is prime tourist season there (April in Paris...) so you may not find the harder to get or desirable items.
    2. There are lists of recommended seller in our shopping subforum, but don't expect a new Birkin for a deal. Many of these stores also deal with repeat customers and will put their best items aside for them.
    3.Well, yes they do, but you are right, they are probably reserved for folks who have already asked their SA for that particular color/leather combo.
  4. My friend just came back from Paris 2 days ago. She said there was plenty of birkins and kellys on the shelf. and the store was pretty empty. (I am not sure what time she visited the store..and she didnt' know much about the leather/hw though).
    In Paris, there is prob good chance for you to get a birkin. good luck!
  5. While I wish you all the luck in the world, Hermes is pretty strict about offering Birkins to established customers- if a birkin you want isn't on the floor, maybe your friend could buy a few accessories to get the metaphorical foot in the door.
  6. Hey glammgal, your friend does have a good chance of buying a birkin from Paris, but it just depends when she goes to the store & whether they have any in that day. It's a very hit & miss affair. If you'll only accept black & especially if only a certain size/leather/hardware, you will have to be v. lucky for that combo to come in that day. I say "that day" because anything that's not on hold for existing customers is snapped up same day (unless it's croc with diamonds or something). The more times your friend can go in, the better the chances; but Paris is definitely your best chance of getting a birkin. Good luck!!
  7. I am afraid I don't know enough about your 1st and 3rd questions to answer, but in response to question number 2, I think Jag posted about Luxury Zurich opening a shop in Paris recently which may be worth a visit?
  8. There have been lots of posts about people finding birkins in the Paris stores. Someone said she had more luck in the smaller stores, than the motherstore.
  9. hi glammgal,
    yes! think Paris is the better place to get a birkin just like that! Xquisite has just been to Paris so she is right with what she all depends on timing!
    they do have a list of Birkins in store from day to day, and if you are lucky, you do get the chance that the salesperson would reveal this list or even show you what they have got! but it also depends which salesperson you are dealing with as while i was there in Feb, there were beautiful shades like etoupe, ebene in 35cm floating in store and i noticed there was a tourist who asked for it but the answer was no.
    ask your friend to go early during the week like monday, tuesday and either morning or right after lunch, less crowd the better chance, goodluck!