Birkin in my I wish it had been mine!!!

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  1. My first post in the Hermes forum...just had to share my elevator experience....
    I was in the elevator minding my own business, when the doors open and a gentleman (who became much more attractive after I saw his big orange bag), stepped in. I was thinking of minding my own business, but curiosity got the better of me, so I inquired as to whether it was a gift for his wife. he replied, "yes", at which point I said, "Birkin??", he said "yes" again, and so obviously I had to know what color (red). We probably exchanged all of about 20 words! I told him his wife was lucky, and then I noticed him carrying yet another Birkin in a beautiful blue ostrich:wtf: . Turns out that one belongs to him.....I think I am starting to feel the Hermes itch....this could be horrible news for me, as unless I win the lotto, or sell all bags in my collection, I will never actually own one:crybaby: !!! Anyway.....I hope to one day join you all on the "darkside" as more than a peeping tom:graucho: !!
  2. Welcome. You're on your way to joining us on the orange side. When you're ready, let us know. Hopefully someone can refer you to someone in your local store.
  3. wow.. a guy who carries an ostrich blue birkin and who also buys birkins for his wife.... I WANT HIM...(to buy the blue ostrich for me instead of carrying it himself)...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. Interesting sighting...probably only in Hong Kong...Birkin pairs...
  5. WOW. Lucky indeed. So how did he look with that blue Birkin?
  6. Welcome Annemerrick!!! Run for cover, this is a dangerous forum, but so much fun! What a great elevator ride- I would have been tempted to run off with that bag!
  7. Maybe it was Mr. Lau?!:nuts:
  8. Lol!!!!!! :shocked: .......... maybe it WAS!!!!!
  9. It's always exciting to see a Birkin or even just the orange box! Welcome to the wonderful world of Hermes!
  10. Too funny! I love your story. Welcome!
  11. Anne, you are in Hong Kong right???

    I think you've just met Mr. Lau!!!!... Ladies, MR LAU ALLERT!!!!
  12. Welcome Anne! :yahoo: I would have loved to see that!
  13. love it! so cool to see a guy with a birkin !! :jammin: Ostrich too! :supacool:
  14. Welcome anne! I would have loved to be in that elevator with you!!! I would've talked his ears out about Birkins - LMBO!
  15. what a great moment to experience!! thanks for sharing and i wish u all the best in acquiring an hermes bag of ur own one day too!!