Birkin in FSH

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  1. #1 Jul 26, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2009
    Dear all,

    A friend of mine has placed a Birkin order last year at FSH and 3 months ago she got an email from FSH saying that the Birkin is ready.

    Until now, she hasn't collected the bag yet. She kept telling me that they are still holding it for her but I am wondering if they would hold it for her for that long when they can just easily sell that bag since it's just a podium order nothing special at all.

  2. If they have ordered it specially for her, I presume they are aware that most people cant drop everything and dash across the border at the drop of a hat to pick up an order.

    Although saying that, you say it'sbeen 3 months already, and I would presume that they would ask to pick the bag up within a certain timescale. It's not fair to order something and expect them to hold it indefinately.

    Infact I doubt they will hold it indefinately with the amount of people possibly asking for this very same colour/combination every day. (Unless it's an un-popular colour/combo)
  3. They wait 5 weeks until they let the bag go.
  4. Gosh why didn't she just ask them to ship it to her?