Birkin in Box leather question

  1. Hi I I have a Kelly Box, which is very stiff. Now I'm eyeballing a Birkin in Box, is that as stiff well? I love the slouchy look .... thanks
  2. I don't have a box Birkin, but I do have a HAC 28 in box, and it is not slouchy. Box will soften over time, and bigger bags will slouch more than my small one. Does that help?
  3. Hi HK!!! Yes, the birkin in box is pretty stiff too, IMO, esp if u get it in a smaller sz, like a 30cm. I have a 35cm and I do encounter bat wings when I put a lil more than usual, but in general it will be stiffer than other leathers like togo and clemence for sure!
  4. thank you all... quess I'll have to look for another leather, I so much love the Box look, but in Birkin I love the slouchy look.. I was eyeballing a 32 or 35...
  5. well another thought, as I'm eyeballing a Box Birkin from a reseller, it is from year 1998, it may be old enough to have softened ? How is that look?
  6. HK, don't know how slouchy you want it. My box birkin is pretty new, year 2006. I have a vintage kelly box from the 60's and it still holds up pretty well, there's a lil bit of slouch to it, but not much. It slouches just as much as my swift kelly which is from year 2006 too (see avatar).
  7. thanks moviegirl. I have a swift kelly from 2006 and it holds up pretty well as well too:smile:, quess I'll have to go for a different leather like clemence?
  8. I think a box Kelly is never going to slouch. But a box Birkin 35 will. There are pictures in the "Celebrities" thread of Carolyn Bessette's black box, It looked very soft.
  9. I have a 35cm box and also seen a friend's box Birkin recently. Neither of ours has slouched very much despite my loading mine to the gills.
  10. I think so, too. If I had a Birkin, that's the look I'd want. Box leather that is well cared for just gets softer and more beautiful forever. What color is the box you are looking at?
  11. I think if you want some slouch in your Birkin, you need to consider a different leather.....Clemence is gorgeous, takes color really well and will give you a little of the slouch you're looking for!!!
  12. If you are interested in box and see one grab it. At the moment H is not doing birkins in box and taking few SOs.
  13. Thanks for all your answers:

    SUS: I think the box leather is gorgeous, so despite being stiff I'm still considering... as long as it could pull the sort of 'casual' look the birkin can have:0

    Shopmom: I have a togo birkin, which slouches a bit, I love that... clemence... is definitely an option

    Fdl: I still love that bag of Carolyn Bessette so much and what a pretty lady she was....
  14. oh oh it just got snatched away from me:smile: that makes choices easier:smile: .... Still up for the hunt, and not in a hurry...:smile: