Birkin!! here are the booties

  1. http://[​IMG]

    They match my Tracy mastic/whiskey purse pretty darn good!:heart:
  2. Love the look with that bag, just enough with being too matchy/matchy. Congrats, they look great!!
  3. Oh wow, those are nice....they'd look great with jeans!
    are they true to size?
  4. omg....gorgeous!!!!
  5. Susieserb,

    Those are HOT! Beautiful colour, beautiful purse. By the way, nice legs...
  6. Wow, thanks for the compliment. I'm hiding my veins very well!!!!!!!!
  7. Susie - love your booties and Tracy! :nuts:
  8. Love the booties!
  9. hmm.... love the booties and the legs.. ;)
    and gorgeous bag!!:heart::drool:
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. Hi ... sorry if its too obvious, but just wondering what boots these are?

    I am looking for some ankle boots. I am also loving the new season chloe bay boots, and the ones with the ankle strap on the Barneys website, though dont know if they'll be too high for me... does anybody have these?
    whats the sizing like on chloe boots ...?

    sorry if thats too many questions! :smile:
  12. Mine are the Edith ankle boots; I purchased them at Luisaviaroma. With it's rounded toe I find these boots to be TTS. I have one style of buckled Prince boots and they're also TTS....for me.

    Hummmm I have to go to Barney Website, gulp....
  13. Okay! Went to Barney's wp and eyeballed those Chloe black, ankle boots. They are faboo, but man have these Fall models taken a upward swing in price or what??? I feel fortunate with my LVR purchase of 600 dollars (I also had free shipping via a promotional period). Nonetheless they're awefully pretty, so good luck to you.
  14. Very true about the price... the Chloe boots I was oogling were $1295.00 Canadian... yikes!