Birkin Help

  1. Hello ladies, Hope you can help me. I saw a pic of a gorgeous red bag from a amgazine last year ( Easy Living UK October 2008 ) and there was an article where ladies were stopped and asked about their bags. The one that caught my eye was a red bag and the lady said it is a Hermes Birkin. I have looked through the threads but dont seem to see one like it. It seems to have a zip at the top and two handles. It is wider than it is tall. Can anybody shed some light please? I cant find a pic online so if it gets too confusing I will try to take a pic of the mag, TIA.
  2. (pic. harleyNemma in ref. bolide section)
    Could it be the Hermes Bolide?



  4. No its not either of those. I will try to scan the pic...
  5. Paris Bombay?
  6. Not great quality as magazine scanned but hopefully you can identify...
  7. JPG shoulder birkin, but no zipper on top. I will get a pic.
  8. (pic posted by H addict bag owned by LV addict)

  9. Here is victoria beckham carrying hers open like in the pic you posted.

  10. I found pictures of CHPWHY's beautiful rouge garrance JPG Birkin:

  11. Thank you encore Hermes, I will keep reading and educating myself Hermes. Do you know the price of this one?
  12. Its a gorgeous size bag. I want one now!!
  13. No, I don't I am sorry. It has been discontinued and replaced with the new shoulder birkin and a search will help with that. Very similar with slight differences and varied opinions (love the new or still lovin' the 'old' style). There might still be some of the old design in stores, or on e-bay, but make sure if you find one outside of the store, have it well authenticated. We have run across a couple well made fakes.
  14. Encore Hermes, thanks for the picture of VB and her arm candy. I think I'd pick her husband over her bag. :p

    moi et mes sacs, I heard the new shoulder Birkin is missing the row of stitches running horizontally below the hardware, and has a shallower depth. And the HAC hardware is replaced by Birkin hardware. Either way, it's still a beautiful bag. I hope you find your dream bag.
  15. I am saving now. Thanks so much ladies.