Birkin HELP please!!!!Pics Involved..

  1. Hello!

    I've been on the waiting list for a while (since I was 16) many have come in and thourgh and nothing I liked (since i've been on the list for a while, when i first put a description and type of leather I wanted it was black with gold hardware)

    NOW BEING ON HERE....I hear you Forumer talk about different leather and material like cheva??togo???goat??? and all the other lingos....
    Can you please help me out , if you come across any pics or have any pics and help me out with color, leather etc etc.

    I would go into hermes store but I dont have the time, I'm always in and out of town this time of year.

    someone help me expand my horizon please~
  2. When you come on the forum the stickys at the top of the threads list. This a lot of info. regarding the bags from sizes, leathers, colors, hardware, and pictures are posted. The longer you read the threads the more you will find. If that doesn't help just post your questions.
  3. Oh, wow - on the list since 16! That's wonderful. Togo is great and the most common in Birkins but, yes, there are some other wonderful leathers.