Birkin Help Please...Gold Togo or Not?

  1. Hi all: I am planning on ordering a Birkin in 2008 and I am really struggling with the leather. I'd like Togo because it's durable, but I am not fond of the Gold looks less "camel" to and more brownish... I want camel. But then, the H belts come in black/gold togo, and I'd want it to match my bag...ERGH. What's a girl to do?! (that, obviously, can never be answered!)

    So, my question...those of you with Gold Togo Birkins, are you happy with the color? Is it suitable with your blacks/browns/camel/orange, etc. wardrobe, accesories, etc.? Do you find it to be a true camel?

    Thank you so very much! All opinions are welcome!
  2. Hello, preppy.....right now I have a gold togo Kelly. It' is almost 4 years old and I took it to Hermes last week and the SAs all complimented it as still looking new. Togo does wear well.....but you might want to check with your SA about availability of this leather first.

    As for wearing with other colors, most certainly! I would pair it with most any color as it blends so nicely. In fact, I've worn it more this year than I did when I first purchased it and the more I wear it the more I'm enjoying it.
  3. LOVE the gold togo -- it's on my list, in fact. :tup: Read the thread about the love of H gold. It will be very helpful.
  4. I use my Gold Togo almost everyday during the summer/spring months. Love it and it goes with everything! It is not a true camel but is classic in the Hermes sense.
  5. I don't have a Gold Togo, but I have a Gold Swift.

    I saw a Gold Togo Birkin at the Marseille boutique 2 weeks ago, and I didn't really fall in love with the you described, it's more brownish than camel.

    The next day when I went to the Aix en Provence boutique, that's where I saw and purchased my gold swift birkin...the color was lighter than the togo, and was a true camel shade. I immediately preferred the gold color in swift, and also thought it looked nicer with the smoother leather...
  6. I have a 30 gold togo and it works with everything.
  7. I am having this dilemma too! Please can someone post a picture, please pretty please?!
  8. Alright I took this in two seconds for you so please dont judge my messy closet
    Me Gold Togo small file.jpg
  9. I actually like gold in Togo better than in most other leathers. But I can't really wear light browns and camel very well so I prefer the way it is darker in Togo. I wouldn't call it a true camel, but I do think it's still a versatile neutral. Let us know what you decide!
  10. I really love gold togo. If I was to have only one birkin gold togo will be it. It's a great color for summer and winter. I think this pic really captures the true color of gold togo.
    church cut.jpg
  11. I have several Kellys, one of which is gold togo. I use the gold togo the most by far. It is darker than my gold Kelly in another leather (since discontinued), and it is very easy to wear.
  12. I have gold swift and that could be an option for you ... or gold clemence? Both colors are richer than in togo.

    Here's my gold swift:
    AnnSui_goldBirkin.jpg goldenmare_danse_Had.jpg
  13. Hi Mimi, thank you for sharing photos of the Gold Swift!! Very nice indeed!! :smile:

  14. Thank you everyone for the help! The photos really helped too. I think my problem was that I brought another camel bag with me when looking at the leathers...Next time I will bring my favorite scarves! :smile:

    TPC reconsidering the gold Togo...
  15. If you think Gold is too brown, would you want something more yellow? If that's possible, then look out for "Curry". It's a nice colour for SS 2008. But alas, makes my Asian skin look more sallow.