Birkin hardwear

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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I don't think it has:

    Can one take their Birkin to Hermes to have the palladium hardware switched out for gold hardware??? Would really like to know.

    Thanks in advance
  2. You probably could but what about the H stamping .. and the zipper and zipper pull, etc.
  3. it has been discussed. i don't think H will do it as they would want all hardware to match. if memory serves me correctly, even has to do with the zipper inside the bag.
  4. i've heard that they don't do it for that exact reason ~ the whole bag would have to be taken apart to swap out the feet.
  5. I totally forgot about the zipper. hm. oh well, thanks for your replies :smile:
  6. No Hermes will not swap out phw for ghw hardware on bags.

    I have bought evelyne straps for my kelly. The sa told me that the hardware could be swapped out (it was phw) but my kelly was ghw (plus it was evelyne hw and I wanted lobster claw kelly hardware. So they did change the hw on the straps for me (since it was clear that I solely bought the straps for that purpose) but told me that they do not normally do this.
  7. i answer because i have actually asked they can change it for brushed hardware but they wont change colors because they consider it an imperfection so there
  8. so there you go hope it helps birkel clutzy computer cut the message sorry darlings
  9. I think the feet screw on. That's what my shoe guy told me. I've never tested on my bag, but it makes sense that they would attach them via screw on.
  10. no they dont not even on the 40cm they hold on to the leather like a butterfly clip and that iswhy the base has 2 leather bands to engage them in this is what i know and im pretty sure so ......
  11. the feet do not screw on
  12. golconda so happy you confirm my point because it is common for people to think birkin feet on
  13. interesting..
    hrm, could you get the hardware replaced with new ones? like if it was ghw to begin with, could u get new gold ones replaced?

    lastly, what about darkened handles? can you get that replaced too?
  14. Okay, I just tried with all my might to unscrew Birkin feet, and they didn't budge.

    So maybe they're not screwed on after all! :shrugs:
  15. Hermes will replace Birkin handles.