birkin hardware info

  1. i've seen pictures of the gold, silver and guilloche but how does the ruthenium HW look like? does any have a picture of their bag with this HW? please post pics! TIA!
  2. Noriko's Birkin has ruthenium. I think you can still find her post and pictures...
    It's kind of a smoky, gunmetal gray. HTH! :smile:

  3. thanks, i'll look for it.
  4. I remember it as well, but I don't recall the picture being great to see it. I am going to look as well.

  5. i just checked and hers has the pall HW.
  6. She thought it was palladium, but later said that she was was wrong - I'm pretty sure it's ruthenium.
  7. yes, your correct, it's ruthenium. on closer look, the HW's burnished.