Birkin Handle Thickness

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  1. I've been meaning to ask this question. When did Hermes change the thickness on the handles of the Birkin? My oldest Birkin is a '94 and my newest is 2005. They are both 30cm. The '94 is a Gulliver and the '05 is Togo. The '94 Birkin handles are thicker and the seam on the handle is wider. I don't think it's due to the leather...and obviously not the bag size. I have a Birkin from '97 35cm Box...with thicker handles as well.

    I would call and ask my SA's but I don't want to bother them with a non-purchase question during shopping season. Those of you with older Birkins do you notice this difference as well?

    I know that Birkins and Kellys are getting tweaked all the time but exactly when did they thin out the handles?

    I was reminded of this quandry when I was in 'Stars and Hermes'...looking at the photos of Kate Moss' birkins, as well as Jane Birkin's birkins, I see the older thicker handles.
  2. Hi EMNH,
    I have wondered about this also. My oldest B is from 92 (buffalo) and I have a buffalo from 2004. I just measured both with a mm caliper and the newer B has handles that are 1 mm smaller in both dimensions, but the older one is a 40 and newer is a 35. I measured other 35's and got varying measurements.
    Comparing a Box and a Togo, both 35's from 2002, the Box handles are thicker than the Togo. My Clemence is thinner than Box. Chevre is the thinnest. I would think some is due to leather type and the craftsman.
    Is this any help, or just confusing?
  3. Golconda, thanks for your input.
  4. So, is it the leather type? can't be though...togo is thicker than gulliver...isn't it?