BIRKIN HAC - Marron Fonce!!! BUT what do you think??

  1. Alright guys it is time you guys, all the Birkin experts and the Birkin owners to help me. I got a phone call this morning from my SA this morning to let me know that there are few Kellies size 32 in black, epsom (tan or natural color), apple green, gold..and one black Birkin (FJORD) in black size 30, and ONE SAC A MAIN HAUT A COURROIE in Marron Fonce (beautiful dark brown almost like coffee bean color)!!!. And of course the Haute a courroie comes only in 32, right? Well, after trying all the size 30 Birkin, I decided it is too small for me and I didn't like too much. The Haute a courroie is the perfect size for me. As you probably know the HAC is the original Birkin style and it is a little taller than regular birkin, plus I think the handle is shorter? But it is beautiful!! And the color Marron Fonce (that's the color name, right?) seems to be a all year around color. OMG I wanted so much for a Birkin, and I know by the looking at Kelly 35, the Birkin 35 maybe too big for me so the 32 is the perfect size. So I have a choice either get the Kelly 32 or the HAC Marron Fonce. OMG!! Please help me to decide. I want a Birkin! And I have a chance to buy the Birkin HAC. What do you guys think? I meant I love the HAC look on me! It's too gorgeous and hard to resist!!! Should I get this one or wait the 35 Birkin to compare?? BUt then I don't know this is going to happen? What do you guys know about the Birkin HAC?? Thank you sooo much!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    BY the way, I got the bag with me!!!:love: I tried to take pics but my dang camera's battery needed to be charged GAH!! So you guys have to wait to see the pics when the battery all charged. BUT, I am not too sure, I may return or exchange though..I didn't even know what is the return policy on Hermes. I need your help to decide! So HELP me!
  2. It seems like you really love the HAC but are just hesitating because you had your heart initially set on a "traditional" Birkin? Get the Marron Fonce!
  3. Birkin HAC- it's sounds AMAZinG! Charge the darn battery girlie.
  4. The HAC is amazing, just ask Shopmom and GigiLeung- they loves theirs! And Marron Fonce is one of the most beautiful colors!!! I say keep the Marron Fonce HAC- and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It could not have happened to a nicer person!
  5. Go with what your heart tells you.:flowers:
  6. I got few pics!!! I will post right now!! OMG I am so excited!
  7. Marron Fonce is indeed a great color. You will love your new bag.
  8. Keep the HAC, such a beautiful bag. Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see pictures.
  9. Pictures! Please....!!! Is your SA holding it for you? This is a great news! I am so excited!

    ps. Sorry...I didn't see your sentence saying you took the bag before. Congrates!
  10. I would keep the Hac it sounds beautiful! :flowers:
  11. Here some pics!!! When the battery is charged I will take more pics with me carrying it!!:nuts:

    Birkin HAC 5.JPG

    Birkin HAC 4.JPG

    Birkin HAC 1.JPG

    Birkin HAC 2.JPG

    Birkin HAC 3.JPG

    These are not the best pics. I promise I will take better pics my camera is ready..but is she a beauty?? :love: :love: :nuts: :nuts:
  12. oh yeah - it's a KEEPER!:yes:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:
  13. I want all the owner of the Birkin HAC tell me how they like their bags plus the color! Thanks for all the nice comments lovely ladies!!
    I am too excited right now..I feel like
  14. That is one Beautiful bag .....:love:
  15. Oh D- It's GORGEOUS. The bag in that color was just made for you.