Birkin/HAC/Kelly weight chart?

  1. Do you think its worthwhile to have a chart documenting the weight of birkin/HAC/Kelly in various sizes/leather combination? While there are plenty of information on size, leather type and which are the heavy/light leather, actual weight of bags are hard to come by.

    I thought this would be really beneficial and helpful for those that don't have access to hermes stores easily or the opportunity to inspect a bag in person before purchasing online or placing orders or even just to have as resource in the reference library (with mods' approval of course).

    I've attached a sample chart (please bear with me if there are errors, I'm new to hermes and posting!). Members with bags and knowledge will need to collectively chime in to help populate the chart as I don't have the information on hand being a newbie! :flowers:

    Just wondering if its worth pursuing. Anyone out there would like this info or find this useful? Or am I the only one?!? :s
    Hermes Weight Chart.JPG
  2. nice thread, will be very helpful, i go try find some info add up here:Push:
  3. This is excellent!
  4. I think it would be very useful; a chart like you posted would be a great reference IMO...I've weighed my bags for my own curiosity... And I think it would be good to put also the weight in Kilos (for us metric system users!)
  5. This is an excellent project!

    But how shall we weigh our bags? Would a bathroom scale do? These things can't be that accurate, right?
  6. I suggest a postal scale, if you have access to one.
  7. That's a good point, MrsS, I weighed mine on my bathroom scale, but I'm sure it's not precise....
  8. Yeah, empty my bag at the post office and ask the postal staff how heavy my bag is and estimate the cost of shipment to XXXX. :graucho: :graucho: LOL
  9. pdgy, this thread made me laugh, but I am right there with you and can totally appreciate it!

    We always want to know the answers to the weight and the various leathers/bag sizes...I vote, yes!
  10. I think this thread would be very helpful.
  11. I must admit I was sitting on this idea for most part of the day wondering if I should post or is rather odd! Glad to know I'm not the only one that can see the benefit of this! :P My concern is the lack of response from members to make it work.

    Duna, I'm a metric systems user myself! So I did have in mind to have the weight listed in both pounds and grams/kilos! :yes:

    jag/kellybag, really glad that you are supportive of this. Any ideas on how we can elicit the response needed?

    mrssparkles, lead the way! Trot to your nearest post office and weigh in! :lol:
  12. For those who are concerned about the authenticity of the bags they own won't this also provide additional confirmation/assurance of such authenticity?
  13. MrsS. LOL

    Well, my assistant and the support staff have a postal scale by their desks. It's easy enough for me to weigh my bags there (maybe after they've all gone home, though). Most large offices have at least one somewhere around. Digital ones would be very precise, but even the old fashioned scales should be fine enough. :smile:

    [edit] Duna, I'll list the weights in both lbs and kilos.
  14. I think this would be a great idea! It would be a great sticky in the reference forum if we can get everyone with an H bag on the list to weigh them. I'm really curious how much heavier the "heavy" leathers like Fjord/Togo are compared to Chevre for example.