Birkin ~ H Store or Reseller?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am (finally) planning to purchase my first Birkin! As it seems quite difficult to obtain, I was wondering if the majority of you purchase through Hermes or from a reputable reseller? I would prefer going direct, but I haven't yet built a relationship with a SA and have heard the store nearest me, San Francisco, is rather difficult to deal with (in other words, I would be waiting the rest of my life and I cannot wait that long!)

    I am dying for a 30cm in Etoupe! Do I have a better chance flying to another H Store (if so, please provide recommendations) or should I try my luck with a reseller?

    Any information you provide is greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. Well, there is one RIGHT NOW on eBay. I swear, I just posted it to the eBay finds thread.
    It's at such a good price that honestly it's basically exactly the same as buying it from Hermes.

    Good luck!!

    ps I am in no way affiliated with Blue Manx Antiques, the seller. I just think it is a gorgeous bag.
  3. Yes beautiful indeed!
  4. I've seen that one! I am really debating, as I wanted Clemence (I would love some slouch)--I'm wondering if I should purchase it anyway?
  5. mscupcake, the ebay seller is on TPF's recommended seller list and ony sells authentic Hermes goods. You'd have nothing to fear in dealing with her.
  6. Thank you Millstream! I am really thinking about purchasing it, or another one listed (in Togo). How different are these leathers, Swift and Togo, from Clemence? I really love the look of Clemence =)
  7. Addressing this point, swift does have slouch, but what I like about it is that it is smooth leather and so the slouch is a tad elegant, if that makes sense. But, if you lover Clemence, don't settle....we all know that Hermes is too expensive to settle on the details.

  8. Togo is somewhat similar to clemence but in this particular color and bag, clemence looks better, in my opinion, both texture wise and color wise. (And I am normally a dyed in the wool togo fan, but I am going to hold out for clemence in an etoupe birkin bag). However, swift and togo are going to be less heavy. Clemence is a little heavy, not seriously so, but its not feather light either.
  9. mscupcake, you've gotten good advice from MrsMorris. Swift is smooth, feels wonderful and can go casual or dressy. Clemence is grainy and therefore has a more casual look. If I were choosing my first Birkin, I'd go for the more versatile Swift because it works for day or night.

    Please let us know what you decide!
  10. Whilst I agree with Cynthia and MrsM, that we should not just settle, but I think I need to mention something to think about on balance.

    That listing carries a good price. And one cannot know yet if Paris will put a stop (even temporarily) to making Etoupe in the new seasons to come. There are so many new colours coming up, and a good assumption would be that Paris would want to concentrate on pushing the new colours in the new seasons.

    Togo and Clemence are very alike. I have seen Clemence that looks like Togo, and vice versa. Togo over time will slouch anyway, and Clemence will slouch even more.

    If I am in your shoes, I would snap up this mentioned listing. 100%.
  11. Colours on Swift are very vibrant. The smooth leather reflects a lot of light and makes colours on Swift irresistable.

    Colours on Clemence and Togo are more saturated. I personally find colours on Clemence deeper/darker than on Togo.
  12. bluemanxantiques is a fantastic seller and the prices are always very very good too! :tup:
  13. mscupcake, you're fortunate to have a choice between two 30cm Etoupe Birkins and both from reputable resellers. Good luck with your decision!
  14. If you love Clemence, I think you'll love Togo also. I have a Clemence Evelyne and a Togo Dogon and I find a lot of similarity in the leathers. The Togo graining is smaller but both have a very distinct grain. If you like a leather with grain, then you might like Togo better.