Birkin girl or Kelly girl?

  1. Hello ladies (& gents),I am been reading all your great threads but finally am ready to participate and become a part of the Orange circle. I have had a love for Hermes since my DH bought me a H-our watch for our first anniversary and I have been collecting little trinkets ever since.
    But now it is time for me to get a bag and I was wondering how you decided if the Kelly or Birkin ws right you. Was it the handle, size, shape, image, history or what?? Any insight would be helpful as I am venturing into new & exciting territory. I can't wait until I actually have a big Orange box to share with you. Please help!
  2. Hey Medina!

    Well, in all honesty, it was by trial and error for me. I own both, but I am a true Kelly Girl at heart. I like the "lady-like"-ness of them, and I prefer the smaller style to the 'tote' style of the Birkin. Having said that, I DO have another Birkin on the way (sounds like a pregnancy!) and will probably continue to buy both styles!

    In order, I love the Kelly, Bolide, Birkin.

    If you can, go and try before you buy!
  3. It's very very hard to pick one or the other for your first one. I started off with the Kelly because I found it so classic, then moved onto the Birkin, and am now back to the Kelly. I think the first thing to reconcile off the bat is if you're comfortable with the handheld tote of the Birkin and does that work for your lifestyle? The Kelly is a chameleon depending on what size, leather and stitching you choose and you can find one to suit the look you prefer--i.e., more casual or more formal.

    Also, rumor has it that Hermes will be opening a store in Bellevue in 2009 so it may be easier for you to try on both for size.
  4. I don't own either, so I can't say, but do you prefer a shoulder strap? If so, then the birkin doesn't have one whereas the Kelly does.
  5. I have both and the Birkin was my initial dream and turns out correctly so...but the Kelly is what I started with, for lack of opportunity. I think your lifestyle may figure into the decision. I need to carry a lot of stuff, am casual and wear pants most of the time, so, for me the Birkin works best. The Kelly has more options (souple vs. rigide, strap vs. no strap) and is harder to get in and out of (top flap to wrangle; Birkin is can be open at the top)...
  6. Thank you for responding GF, since I know YOU definitely have alot of insight into the H world. Since I don't live by a store it is hard to plan my trips to H store for when they will have bags for me to try.
    I agree. I love the lady and elegance of the Kelly. And it was the original. But is the birkin more casual and everyday? Is that way it is so popular?
  7. I wish I could share, but I haven't made up my mind yet!! I guess at least trying them on will clear up some of my doubt.. but alas, the H shop is so far away from me LOL
  8. Yes, thank you Orchids and I can't wait since the store will be only 10 minutes away!! However, that is still 2 years away so until then, I am the mercy of my lovely out-of-state SA who has helped through the years.

    Thank you everyone for your insights!
  9. I'm a Birkin girl but again it was trial and error. Started off with a Kelly but just never felt quite right carrying her. The Birkin just feels more me.
  10. Depending on the occasion, I am both! I find myself going to less and less formal events these days so the Birkin gets most of of my attention but for ultimate glamour, a Kelly can't be beat!
  11. I fall in line with AuthenticLux. You cannot beat both bags; I really have no need for anything else except when I need to "dress down."
  12. Before I found TPF, I would have been happy with either. However, reading everyone's stories and thoughts, Kelly & Birkin are different bags.

    Rockerchic, I can't imagine a bag that doesn't suit you. You have so many lovely ones. They hardest decision isn't at the store, it is in your closet chosing which one goes out for the day!
  13. I love the Kelly and Bolide because there is so much history behind them. The Birkin, I hate to say, is not my favorite because it's a newer bag, too "out there", and there is no shoulder strap. If you need a tote though the Birkin is gorgeous!!
  14. Hmmm, you know, it can also depend on what leather and colour you choose, you have any preferences?
  15. Tough trying to decide 'cause I like them both. Kelly has an edge over the Birkin style in that it's easier to wear ( for me ) but, it's like choosing between two of your children. Love different things about each one.

    The Kelly for the shoulder strap and ease of use, the Birkin because it's a tote and for it's history as the HAC which was modified ( for lack of a better word ) into the Birkin. And, I like how both the Kelly and Birkin styles look...the asthetics of both.