Birkin dilemma..... what do I do

  1. okay so I have a gorgeous 30cm red vermillion birkin that I keep admiring in all its packaging and lovely orange box, but can't bring myself to use. I have been looking for a black birkin for a long time now and someone finally has offered me one. I just can't have both.

  2. Yes, if you can't have both then you have to let go of one. Make sure you find your perfect one.

    We welcome you to the Hermes Subforum and tPF, but please note we do not allow any selling on the boards. We also appreciate if you don't discuss selling birkins in that it creates drama on the board. I wish you the best in the quest for your birkin!
  3. Welcome! My rule helps to keep my number of bags low and the dollar amount - it works to some degree! I think a black probably is a bit more versatile...
  4. Having deliberated long and hard before receiving my first Birkin (yesterday :yahoo: ), I pondered the versatility question a lot and for me it had to be black and a pretty resilient leather, so I'd support the black option if you can't have both. . .having said that though, I am already thinking what a smaller, second Birkin might be . . .:wtf:
  5. I have to add, I have a red birkin. It hardly comes out of the box. I use either the gold...or the green JPG. I would vote for black...or some neutral that you will use and love. Personally, I think they all look better when they have been "loved".
  6. if you can't keep both, definitely black.
  7. (Sigh), what a nice dilemma to have... I'm still trying to get a hold of my first Birkin!

    I've been carrying a red LV bag for the past couple of months and it seems to add a nice little splash of color to any outfit.

    Regardless, you can't really go wrong with a Birkin, can you? ;)

    Good luck!
  8. For me black is boring.. classic yes, but it just doesnt do it for me.. brown, raisin, grey is ok.. but black naah.. i say keep the red birkin and get it out of the closet!!!
  9. :true:
  10. I've been hankering for a 35cm Birkin or 37cm Bolide in Rouge Garance PH, and after reading your post I think it would stay in its sleeper, too. Thanks for saving me a bundle of $$$$. Still want a Chartreuse bag, though.
  11. unless it's a black croc, keep the red...and use it! :yes:
  12. Did u decide what u'll do??
  13. After reading this...I decided to take my red bag out and use it. Maybe you should keep the red. I think it will be fun in the warmer months.
  14. Ah, the slippery slope of Birkin addiction...:graucho:
  15. I had a Black Birkin for a while and recently sold it. I did use it, but got a little bored with it after a while (as bored as you can get witha Birkin, which is not very). I realized after I bought my most recent that I had to downsize a little, and I don't really miss it. Now I treasure my Brique birkin the most! If you wanted that color for so long, maybe you should keep it and take it out for a little test drive as the warmer months get here...