Birkin Diaper Bag???

  1. Hi girls,
    I'm a new mommy and I've been using my birkin as a diaper bag on certain outings. Are there other mums out there who are using their Birkins as their Diaper bag?
  2. Yep. Me. You just have to, when you want to carry your Birkin, and have your 8 month old in tow!! LOL!! The Birkin is the original diaper bag, in any case.
  3. I'm well beyond the diaper-bag stage but I WISH I had a Birkin way back when DD was still needing diapers! I would have used one in a heartbeat instead of that dang vinyl thing I had with the alphabet in big colorful block letters all over it!!!!!
  4. No, I am much too anal about my Hermes. I have a Louis Vuitton messenger which houses diapers, bottles, formula and toys and my Birkin carries my personal goodies around. As I usually have a stroller to carry the Louis I am able to hand hold the Birkin and either push the stroller or even just carry the baby and Birkin. My arms are getting increasingly toned!!!

    BTW, my husband put the baby bottle upside down in the Louis Vuitton and of course there was a massive puddle of formula. I threw the LV in the washing machine with detergent and it came out good as new. I was shocked! I was prepared to throw it out but am pleased that it cleaned up nicely.
  5. If I had a Birkin I absolutely would!!!

    I use my Evelyne as a mini DP bag though!

    About two years ago, while I was pregnant,my SA said that H was coming out with a diaper bag. I don't think my H store ever got one...wonder if they were ever made....:shrugs:

    Congratulations on becoming a new Mommy!
  6. A large birkin would do nicely as a diaper bag especially since it could open up wide for finding all the little things that one needs when babies are in diapers.
  7. Congrats Hayden & welcome! No--like Gazoo, am a bit particular when it comes to my H-leather bags, and the thought of spilled milk on the Chevre lining would definitely lead to crying on my end. :smile: I have always used a separate diaper bag for DD's items.
  8. LOL - I never keep any liquid in my bags!! I have a separate little tote for bottles.
  9. I used to carry the 40cm as a diaper bag but it gets too heavy..
    and constantly worrying about the spills (yes, I must confess I have spilled 2 times with DD's sippy up)
    so now it's either a seperate diaper bag w/Kelly or Birkin or just the GPT.
  10. I am also too protective of my Birkins to use them as diaper bags. I use nylon diaper bags with shoulder straps to keep my hands free.
  11. I have thrown a diaper and pack of wipes and maybe a snack in my Birkin but I got mine when my DD was 2, so I was past the "real" diaper bag stage.
  12. I thought about it but after spilling salad dressing in my LV Noe and the shock that ensued, um, I don't think I could go through with it
  13. Yup, I did. My 35cm was a faithful one that lasted the diaper stage of my two boys :yes:.
  14. You girls have me laughing to myself here! I would have never used any of my Birkins as a diaper bag.

    I would sling that sucker on the first chair or table I would get a chance. Bottom of my diaper bag was always a mess. Would never put Birky through any of that torture.
  15. Does using the birkin as a cradle help???

    Rocka bye birkin on the tree top.....
    Just kidding!!!!!!!!!!