birkin croc in black w/diamonds!!!

  1. hey everyone,

    i just went to the hermes store at south coast plaza in costa mesa california and they have a beautiful black birkin croc with/silver hardware and diamonds on it!! it's gorgeous, i can't tell the size really, but i'd say it's either a 30 or's out on the floor so it's not hidden in the back room or anything!! if anyone here is interested and located in california, perhaps you can stop by to look at it or maybe call the store and see if they can charge it to ur card and ship it to u if u've of course, decided to purchase it! just thought i'd pass this along since u don't see one that often, plus put out on the floor for just anyone to purchase!! hope u all luck! let me know if any of u purchased it, and betta post a pic too.......sophia*
  2. They have one in the madison ave. store as well!!
  3. if i had the money, I would grab it.. hehehe.. except, I don't.. so go figure, I guess I can admire its beauty from afar..
  4. I guess so too.......that's why you've gotta get urself a rich old mogul!!! yeah, I WISH......haha
  5. There was one in Beverly Hills as of last weekend and one in Las Vegas as of New Years.
  6. I've seen that one! Isn't it a beauty?:love:
  7. Hey, it's full of these around the world! There's one in the Milan(Italy) shop as well.
  8. have seen fuschia pink croc with diamonds in japan . but i think black is common
  9. The fuschia pink croc is my DREAM bag! :love: I will get it some day! *yeah right* :p