Birkin Corner Worries....

  1. I was driving to the gym today and when looking down (at a red light) I just happen to notice one of the corner's of my Tod's bag (camel) is worn already! I have only had it about 2 months! So, I looked at the other corners...all worn!! :crybaby:There aren't feet on this bag...but honestly, I thought I was careful with it!! I don't throw it around and I always place it on a chair when it's not in use. I just can't believe it!! (And have no clue on how to fix them!! :push: I need to call Tod's.)

    So the "corner issue" got me thinking. I have been planning for my first Birkin (hoping it will come in 2008) and I was insistent with my SA that my first Birkin HAD TO be camel in color (and in togo or clemence, just love grainy leather) so that it was neutral enough to go with everything. :yes: But now, now I am worried. If I am harder on my bags than I thought I was I am worried about a light color. :sad:

    I have read in other threads that wearing is bound to happen...just use the bag and love it.

    But, my question is, with a clemence or togo leather (or any other leather), can they "restain" the corners with the original color?? Not sure if that is the right term...but say you had a Blue Jean Birkin, and the corners were worn, could they recolor the corners with a Blue Jean stain??

    ARGH! I have been such a pain in the a$$ with my SA that I'd hate to go back and now say "nevermind, I want black." KWIM?! That would not be good.... And I guess it's a huge assumption that fixing a black bag would be any different that any other color.

    For an example, I have attached pix of worn Blue Jean corners (Victoria bag, eBay seller [​IMG]krimarhan). Could this bag be fixed with a nice Spa treatment?! :confused1: Would it come back okay? With the corners fixed?

    Thanks for the help....I really appreciate any help to ease my worries. I know you ladies and gents are the experts!! :tup: Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing?!:shame:
    Victoria Corner.jpg
  2. ^^^ That kind of wear is totally fixable on Togo and on Clemence! Less so with many other leathers.
  3. Really?!?! Part of my worry is that an SA once told me that togo/clemence is less fixable than, say, box (which I totally understand).

    Thanks CynthiaNYC!! In one super-quick response you have made me feel less anxious!! I appreciate it! :flowers:

    So, they must keep dyes around for corner damage....hopefully....

    (Perhaps it's just Tod's craftsmanship?! Not saying anything bad about Tod's's not a H bag to be sure!! :graucho:)

    Hmmmm, I might just have to get that Victoria!! Just kiddin'
  4. It's funny, SAs (and others) love to say that Box can be 100% reconditioned, but to be honest I have had Box bags come back from spa looking very nearly as tatty as when they went in, just a touch shinier and with painted corners.
    With Togo and Clemence, though, first of all the corners take much longer to show wear unless they are abraded against a rough surface like a concrete wall or something, and in my experience they come out of spa looking like a million bucks.
    Granted, I don't have any Togo or Clemence bags that are as old as my old Box ones (40 yrs for one, over 50 for the other), but still!
  5. I think Togo can definitely be made to look good as new, barring a deep scrape/cut. Box leather is the end all, be all leather in most all SA's eyes and looks better as time goes by but my Togo bags have worn MUCH better in the corners than my Box ones.

    The darker the hue the better off you are with corner wear. Black in Togo is especially nice for wearability.
  6. That's amazing! I guess you just never know... I was convinced (in part from an SA) that box would come back brand spanking new because it was easier to refurbish. Hmmmm...

    Trust me, I have no plans for dragging my Birkin along concrete! That wouldn't be very nice! :tdown: And, I have no plans for just one H I guess I will go with the camel first and then the black...then the brown...then the poitron...heh, heh...:p
  7. i've heard barenia corners cannot be restained other leathers can.
  8. in general i have been unimpressed by the "restoration" of bags by Hermes. They rarely have looked any better after the SPA. I no longer bother and do it all myself
  9. ^^ My bags have always come back looking amazing after a SPA visit. Maybe it depends on the Craftsperson working on it? Box corners were always redyed and looked brand new and all the hardware was polished to a glow.
  10. At most, the craftsman will paint the worn corner. I don't think it will look as good as new although it is better than having the corners looking so white.
  11. do you do that? If you don't mind me asking....I mean, how do you do your corners?

    I have a black Coach bag, and the corners are always a mess. I just take black polish (EEK! :wtf:) polish the corners and then polish the whole thing up with saddle spray. It always looks brand new (with the exception of the hardware)!!

    That said, I would NEVER, EVER do that to an Hermes bag!! :nogood: We are talking $200 vs. $5000!

    But, I wash my own scarves...I don't trust the drycleaner. So, I know that Hermes merchandise is hearty. :tup:
  12. Good point; I would assume that Vache Natural corners would also not be restainable?
  13. My corners look about 70% to what that is, and each time I discuss this with a SA in various cities say my bag will come back nearly new and that it will be repaired to almost new.... and that has been more than one boutique.
    So you should feel safe about it.
  14. Honestly I have had this feeling too for the past year or so. Prior to that, I was always impressed, but lately :shrugs: what did they even DO to it while it was sitting there for two months?! :sad:
  15. Cyn, I agree...I hate that they just "paint" the corner wear. It just rubs off agian, and the corner looks the same as before.

    No experience with barenia or vache naturale (although I own bags in both of these, but they've never been to the spa) but my Natural Chamonix could be refurbed, just like any other leather.

    it would make sense that barenia cannot, as the colour only comes from the oil, it's the natural leather colour (or aniline dyed).