Birkin Color Help Please!

  1. Dear Hermes friends,

    I don't know how or when it happened but ever since I started browsing this subforum, I've been mesmerized by the beauty of Hermes. :heart: :shame: I'm wondering what's this color? Gold? What kind of leather is it?

    It's sooo beautiful...I haven't been able to sleep! I think about it all the time! lol...I understand it's difficult to get a birkin. Is there still a waitlist for them? (I'm in Vancouver ,Canada) What's the chance of walking in and trying a birkin out? What's a popular leather? Is Barenia, Togo a good choice? How long will it take once ordered?

    Thanks everyone!!
  2. This looks like Gold to me but I can't tell the leather unless the pictures are close-ups... this is gorgeous, though!
  3. ^^^ even with close-ups, I usually still have to ask an expert or go to the reference thread... good luck!!
  4. looks like gold in swift~~~ lovely bag
  5. definitely gold - not sure about the leather though.. i don't think it's togo though? do they even make it in barenia? but if so, you'd might have to wait a while for that one.
  6. This is a beautiful bag. :drool: My guess is Gold Chamonix. It would be easier to tell if there is a close up on the leather.

    Hermes hasn't made any Birkins in Barenia in recent times. It would be lovely when Hermes remakes them. I would love to own a Birkin in Barenia but I must be prepared to suffer the weight first.

    Togo is a great choice, amongst others ... continue to hang out around here, and read up on the various types of leather in the reference section. It won't be long before you decide what you'd like for yourself. Welcome to the orange side.
  7. :welcome:

    The bag also looks like gold swift to me. I've never seen it in real life, but the color is definitely gold, and the smoothness of it makes me think it is swift. I thought I read somewhere here that a Hermes store in Canada had an open waitlist. Candian PFers: is that true? Otherwise, the waitlist (at least in the sense that one would normally think of a waitlist) is closed. Special customers of each store are offered a request for a bag in whatever color/leather/size/hardware/(sometimes stiching, piping) combo they want. They are offered to customers of choice by a store's SAs, so it's likely to be the customers that the SAs know and are fond of. That's why there's so much talk of going into a store to build a relationship with the SAs. I don't know about Vancouver, but the chances of walking into a store and finding a Birkin on the shelf is pretty good at the really big stores, like NYC. Beverly Hills tends to get a few in each month, but they rarely last on shelves more than 5 minutes:nuts: . The chances increase with more frequent visits, of course. Togo is a pretty popular, all-around good leather. It's the best choice for everyday, and it looks nice, too. Barenia is nice, but it's very delicate, and it hasn't been offered lately. Plus, the color choices are limited. If you get a chance to order, it could take between 3 months and 3 years to get your bag, and it's never guaranteed, which is why the SAs at my store call them "requests" and not "orders".
  8. There is a waitlist in Vancouver. I don't know if it is open to everyone or not, but I know it exists as I am currently on it. I have walked into the Vancouver store and have seen a 30 cm indigo birken on the shelf. Naturally, it did sell right away. I believe it was one that was turned down by a customer.
  9. [​IMG]

    What is the name of this color? It seems brownish red or reddish brown to me. Is this a new color? or It doesn't exist at all. Please Help!!!
  10. Since you live so close to H. I think you should go and check it out. It really depends on your luck. You never know until you try. My experience with the Vancouver H is different from some of the members. It really depends on your connection with the SA.:graucho: I don't mean that I am related to the SA. I think it makes a difference if the SA knows that you are a regular H client.
  11. Can't see your picture, button.:confused1:
  12. Fixed the problem.
    It is brownish red or reddish brown to me. is this a real birkin color? if so, what is the name of color? Bunch of thanks.