Birkin Color Dilemma: Thalassa/mediterranean blue ostrich or gold chevre/clemence?

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  1. Hi guys!

    As I mentioned in other threads before, I ordered a gold, 30 cm, palladium hardware in clemence taurillon 2 weeks ago.

    It will be my first Birkin and I've been thinking about it more and more. The ostrich leather is starting to grow on me and I'm really wondering whether I should change my order for ostrich.

    Thalassa blue sounds really nice, but I've never seen one in real life. Do you think a thalassa blue in ostrich looks nice? I'm not so keen on gold ostrich but have you seen one too and is it ok? How about blue jean or vert anis ostrich?

    I want a bright color that will complement my fuschia Kelly and can wear with colors the fuschia won't match with (like red).

    I just hope the waitlist for ostrich is not as long as the normal leather.

    Thanks a bunch for all your help :biggrin:
  2. Thalassa blue is gorgeous. If it's in ostrich, I think it will be more gorgeous. As for gold, I prefer it to be in croc or clemence. Personally, Thalassa blue will compliment very well with your fuschia kelly.
    Since ostrich leather starts to grow on you, then order one or else you'll regret. Most importantly, make sure it's something that you really want.
  3. Thanks. The ostrich is really growing on me. I'll pass by the store tomorrow and ask about it. I hope it's not a super duper long waiting list, otherwise, I'll be SOOO FRUSTRATED!
  4. Isn't it tough, LaVan? I second guess my color choices all the time.
    If it would complement your wardrobe, Thalassa ostrich would be gorgeous.
    But, I LUV the gold and it's a fab neutral. Since you already have the bright fuchsia Kelly, you may want a more neutral Birkin?

    Oh, I'm no help!!!
  5. Thanks Greentea!

    My friend just brought her 25 gold Birkin in togo with gold hardware and white stitching. The color is beautiful.

    The togo is a bit heavy though. Her bag was quite empty and was heavy. Now I also know that 35 is too big for me. Definitely a 30 for my size ... mmmm, decisions, decisions. So confusing.
  6. I loveeee the ostrich :biggrin: The red ostrich is pretty nice :biggrin: I havent seen the birkin but they had it in a Bearn wallet. The orange ostrich is lovely as well!
  7. Thanks Noriko.
  8. :biggrin: anytime, I wish I could offer better info, but I'm new to the Hermes scene myself:shame:
  9. I love the blue....and in ostrich it would be absolutely stunning! Gold is might bore you after the fuschia! (Perhaps you need to get both LOL!):nuts:
  10. Hahaha! That is so true shoes. After the fuschia, a lot of colors look dull, except for the orange.

    I went to Hermes today to have a look at the color/leather catalog and the ostrich, rouge, vert anis and blue jean ostrich are to die for!

    They said that they will have a "violine" color ostrich this spring/summer, but I don't about the color because it wasn't in the catalog ... boohoo!

    But they said if I don't like it, then I can special order another color, but that won't arrive until next year!
  11. La Van, did your SA say how the new color "violine" looks like ? Is it some kind of violet ? :smile:

    p.s. I have seen a Kelly in ostrich vert anis & it's beautiful!!!
  12. Just remember clemence will be a lot less sturdier n rigid than the ostrich leather.. so the bag will be in a less rigid shape. I myself don't like that...

    And on the side note, ostrich is the most durable animal skin.. that info I got from the ostrich farm I went in South Africa :smile:

    I prefer ostrich hands down.. though there's a huge gap in the prices between the two leather hehe...

    Btw, I saw a the new violet color in ostrich kelly just now and it's beautifulllll......!!!!!
  13. Ostrich is so gorgeous and so different. You will really stand out but in an understated way.
  14. Thanks guys! You're great!

    The violine is not violet. They didn't have a color example, but they said it's probably between a violet and blue. Very hard to imagine.

    The only thing is I think ostrich looks better on lighter colors because you see the texture. If it's a really dark color, I would have to see it to check it out.

    Yeah, the price is another thing. I could get almost 2 normal leather 30cm Birkins. But, if it's my first one I want it to be really special. My husband also says that I should get the one I really crave for, otherwise, I'll always think what if.

    At the moment, my heart is set out on ostrich.

    In the next month or 2 it should be there. I'm so curious!

    If I don't like it, I'll try to order another color, and if it proves impossible to get, then, I'll settle for normal leather. At least I tried :smile:

    The SA said I should choose at least 2-3 colors because they'll never know what Hermes Paris tells them which colors would be available.
  15. Ostrich IS durable and worth the money.
    If you're second guessing gold, I'd choose Blue Jean or Thalassa ostrich. Or Blue Roi, which, on ostrich looks like a denim blue.