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  1. On vacation in Paris. Having a late lunch at L'Avenue on blvd Montaigne. The highest Birkin concentration on the planet, I think. I have seen five in the last hour, and I'm tucked away in the corner and can only see about ten tables. I think I've seen black, ebene, what I'm guessing is miel, a dark blue I'm not sure of.

    Also excellent people watching in general. But on a far less cool note, I'm pretty sure they turned away the couple behind me becaus she was wearing a headscarf. They told them that the policy is reservations only. I certainly didn't have one, and the entire inside is empty.
  2. Add an etoupe. And an ostrich etoupe. Within literally two minutes.
  3. And now a gorgeous neutral- perhaps graphite but might have been vert olive or similar. Sorry to live blog this, but I've never seen so many before!
  4. Have fun H spotting! [I wish I was in Paris!]
  5. Lol, thank you for your life report :biggrin:. And have fun in Paris, hope you'll find some nice goodies for yourself :smile:.
  6. Thanks for sharing!! Have fun and if you find what you are looking for... go for it!! :yes::tup::biggrin:
  7. hi! I was there 2 weeks ago, and the same was true then. So many lovely bags. have fun! {they also hesitated about giving us a table and we were not wearing headscarves, I think they are just moody and French, though I could be wrong}
  8. Thanks for that thought, audreyhepburn, it made me smile. My teenaged
    son got really annoyed when we were visiting Italy this summer- he
    thought waiters, sales clerks,etc. were sometimes rude (I, on the
    other hand, thought they were lovely); I'm going to tell him they were
    just moody and Italian, lol.

    Sorry to be OT. Thanks for the Birkin Report, kimberf!
  9. The thing that made me suspicious was that they had just said they'd seat me, as well as two other couples (separate parties) without a reservation who arrived around the same time. For all of us, there was a bit of fuss and hesitation over what was available (not on the patio, maybe in the window inside, no problem on the interior.) The couple where the woman was in a headscarf walked up and asked for a table, and the hostess didn't ask if they'd be inside or out, just said no seating without a reservation, that was restaurant policy. Obviously it wasn't, since there were three parties who did not get told that. I did feel a bit better when the guy then proceeded to say "Even for diplomats?", which I thought was a bit tacky, but the whole thing just felt off. Funny, because DH and I strolled right up last year and ate.
  10. I saw probably another 3 Birkins while there: white, black croc, and plain black. Too far to see leather for most.

    Sadly, that was the pinnacle of my H experience. Went to FSH shortly thereafter, and not much of note. I am a Lindy girl, so asked mainly about them. Sold their only Lindy Voyage last Friday (etoupe - I would have snapped that baby up.) Only one 30 cm Lindy, black Clemence, no Swift at all. A couple of STUNNING exotic Birkins in the window, one Himalayan croc and the other some type of variegated croc I'm not familiar with. Was told that stock is very low at the moment. It was the end of the day, though, so maybe in the morning tomorrow something new will appear. However, I am up very late, so probably will not be there to see it!
  11. Was there a big dog at this restaurant? My husband had ordered a steak and the dog sat at our table and begged the whole time. It was quite funny...I've never been to an upscale restaurant where a big dog was able to roam freely.

    Very chic people there. I remember the people watching. I was oblivious to Birkins back in the day as I went about 4 yrs ago. If I'm ever there again, I'll pay close attention!
  12. kimberf isn't it insane Birkin-spotting in Paris? I was there a week ago and honestly I think I got whiplash from spotting Birkins every 10 paces!
  13. When I was in paris I was drooling over the custom made birks inside fsh... One lady had a leather canvas birkin at the back of the bag,it was fringed. Long frines like tassels dlowing on the back panel all the way down. It swayed when she walked. Also another lady blue birkin on front and back panel totally beaded florals black red green.. Totally beaded front n back. Another one I saw on a diff date was: black or brown with animal print panel. I saw 3 customs and like 100 diff birkins and other H bags around the city! It was insane. Custom made bags are by apptment n double the price was informed by SA. So am assuming 6000 euro normal price birkin 35 wud be 12000. Euro for custom wich I think is fair..
  14. in defense of the French, i think it should be "moody" and "Parisian" although that in itself may be a tautology! :P
  15. :sad: How disheartening! I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case, but still, that's just sad.