Birkin came in but I don't have the money- what do I do :-(?

  1. So apparently my Bleu Brighton 30cm Birkin showed up about a year early. I'd been planning to save for the next year to pay for it when it came in. What do I do now?
    I think it may not be the bag I ordered, though, but the store got the exact same one in that I wanted and my SA called. Not sure. This may be relevant to the advice I get from you guys so I thought it was important to mention.
    I want this bag so bad...and I want to keep my relationsship with my SA.
    Advice, anyone? :sad:
  2. Oh ugh, I can totally identify. Yes, it is probably not the bag you ordered. These things happen. Is there any way you can scrounge up the money for it?
  3. how bout one of those credit cards w/ a 0% or low introductory rate?
  4. Hmmm...can you charge it? Or perhaps sell something in your collection?
  5. Oh my. I would advise against putting it on credit, personally, simply because I'm one of "those people" who does not believe debt is a justifiable expense unless actually necessary.

    To be blatantly honest, a 30cm Blue Brighton Birkin isn't exactly all that hard to find when you are ready for it. I would probably advise you to go see the bag, come up with a fairly legitimate reason why it's not perfect for you (veiny skin? weird stitch here and there? or just being honest that you expected to have more time to save $ for it), and then wait.
    But that's just me.
  6. ^ I'm the same, Cyn, I hate putting things on credit. But I understand the predicament, Stylefly.......ugh......anything you can sell - FAST?
  7. If you really love this bag, I say let it wait. I once had an SO wait 8 months for me because I just wasn't sure until then that I wanted it. Speak to your SA. They can keep it for you if they want to.
  8. ^ That's true.
  9. Let it wait. If it's meant to be yours, you'll have it in a year. I strongly advise against putting a bag on your credit card- No, no, no!

    Who knows, maybe in one year, you'll find another birkin you like.
  10. wow..the chevre birkin you order came?
    OMG...hmm tough choice girl.
    but if your not ready, your not ready!
  11. maybe sell some of your bag collection to cover the cost...
  12. forgot to ask... how long ago did you order?
  13. I would not rule out this option taking into account growing prices and the usual increase. I assume you have saved some by now, right?
    I feel with you. It's going to be fine :flowers:
  14. I agree. Don't force having one if you are not ready. You'll get it later..:yes:
  15. Thanks for all of the advice :heart:
    I agree Cyn, I don't want to put it on credit. We don't have those fabulous 0% rate cards here in Canada anyway (or if they do, I've never found one!). Would my SA hate me if I declined it? How does that work?
    Babyshingo- I ordered it in September and was quoted about a year- year and a half wait!
    So they can hold the bag? Has anyone done that before? If I sell a few things...I can come up with most of it.
    Keep in mind that a 30cm Chevre Birkin in Canada runs $9200 with taxes:wtf: