Birkin Box 30cm pricing

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  1. I'm doing my serious research and just called Hermes Paris (5pm, Nov 25 2006) to check on the prices for the 30cm Birkin in box calf. Here's what I found out, for anyone who's interested:

    Birkin 30cm in box calf - 4550 euros
    Birkin 30cm in vache ligee - 4850 euros

    (she could not find the price for it in swift, and said she doesn't know if it comes in swift :confused1::confused1:)

    Kelly (sellier) 32cm in box calf - 4500 euros
    Kelly (retourne) 32cm in box calf - 3900 euros
    Kelly (retourne) 32cm in swift - 3900 euros

    *price before minusing detaxe of 10%

    The SA informs me that the price will increase right after New Year's, not in February.
  2. Thank you TammyD! Turns out to be quite a little savings!!!! Gotta clear those credit cards before my trip to Paris next year!!!!!
  3. Tammy, those Paris prices are really really attractive! And the choices available .... hmmmm hmmm hmmmm. Yet, minus the wait time. Simply wonderful if you can make a trip to Paris like katyc and wongnumber. :yes: :yes:

    Further more, what a vacation it would be apart from shopping! ;)

    PS: Meanwhile, take time to warm up to box calf .... I swore off box calf in the beginning. Now, I own 2 Kellys on box calf. It's just delicious! Box Calf seems to be so available in Paris, but so rare elsewhere. :crybaby:
  4. That's so true! I was like, oh no, scratchy scratchy, at first, but the more I think about it, the more I figure that box calf is really beautiful for kelly bags (other than croc). And the Parisian prices are great too! I am so excited!! :wlae: