Birkin Booboo- talk me down, girls, talk me down

  1. ARGH!!!

    I just noticed I have a scratch on my pretty 24K Gold hardware.

    This bag has only been out a few times and I am so careful with it.

    I was reluctant to put the lock on, but I did, and it has to be the culprit for the scratching.

    I's actually thought of this with the leather- I'm sort of torn between loving the new look of the leather, and looking forward to it being broken in at least a little.

    I'm not @n@l about stuff but I really was not expecting this, such a major scratch...and so soon. I'm definitely one to USE the good china, so stuff like this is less a tragedy for me than some, but I don't want my bag to look ugly. She's soooooooo pretty.

    It's definitely a scratch, and as a jewelry artisan who used to order plating I know it cannot be "buffed" out. Getting it replaced right now is not an option.

    PLEASE someone, anyone, tell me it's part of the process as Birkin and I go about our years of adventures together.


    I can't figure out how to put high res pix on here so I'm adding links:
  2. I don't see any scratch......
  3. Kitkats...relax. I see a scratch, but it is going to scratch with wear. I flipped out the first time I got a scratch on my leather. I also am one of those people who want my bag wiped of all fingerprints all the time etc. It is just something you have to get over. This is the kind of bag with the metal that will scratch with time if you do use it and there is nothing you can do. In time if it really bothers you then send it in for a tune up. It does not take away from the bag at all. It is just really hard to take it in and accept it. It is not brand new anymore. It is being used and loved. Try not to be upset.

    It is like a car...once you get a ding it is hurtful, but it can be fixed and doesn't take away from the beauty.
  4. Is it on our right hand side when looking at the clasp?
  5. I feel a bag is to be used and this will happen with normal use - it doesn't take away from the bag! Besides, you don't want to pack it away to keep is safe..;) Let the world enjoy her beauty!
  6. I agree with Kellybag, use your bag and enjoy it every moment you can. It's a gorgeous color you have.

    The first scratch is always the hardest to take... I had a ginormous gouge on my platinum diamond anniversary band - the 2nd day I had it!!! :cry: but it's just another characteristic the ring has taken over time. So with your bag, I imagine the hardware will naturally develop its own burnish over time, just as will all metals, thru natural abrasions etc. It's a natural part of the life of the bag. :idea: But I still totally understand your feelings right now!
  7. Oh - I'm sorry about the scratch. I know you want to protect your baby as much as you can...

    Don't worry - it's hardly noticeable from that second picture.
  8. Sorry it happend... but it happens! I think everyone gets that feeling when their new ______ gets a scratch or a bit of dirt- but it is bound to happen! The second picture you can't notice a thing, and probably only you see it anyhow! Still a gorgeous bag!
  9. Are you feeling any better yet? Trust me, time makes it better.
  10. Kellybag said it well, time will heal!

    It's a process that you are going through with the bag. I used to be a FREAK everytime I buy a new bag, but later along the way, I become more relax as time goes by.. These beauty marks are unavoidable..
  11. Sorry to hear about the scratch. :cry: Like everyone said, it's part of the process and you will have many happy years together! Just enjoy her and know that any bumps or bruises along the way are just part of life. I know I would be upset too. Hope you are feeling better!
  12. Oh, I'm sorry about the boo-boo. :sad: But, really it's just part of owning a bag. The scratches add character and I like how Sarah put it - beauty marks!
    It's such a stunning bag. Use her and love her with pride!
  13. THANKS!! all - - I knew I could count on you.;)

    I was really determined to use and enjoy this bag, I know wear on it is inevitable. It's not like I'm just stepping into limos with it :lol:

    I have to confess that I haven't been able to put it away since I got it, it hasn't slept on it's pillow in the box because I like looking at, touching, if not using it, every day. It has it's own shelf.

    My husband is so sweet - he so wanted to make it right, that even though he knew it was a scratch he was trying to rub it away. Then he teased me and said "how about using Comet?" :blink: :wacko: :blink: which of course was to make me laugh. So I did... and I'm feeling better.
  14. u husband is soooo sweet!!!!!!
  15. Get a "rouge" jeweler's cloth and rub it out. I did this to a belt buckle on one of my husband's $$$ belts and it worked.