Birkin???? Bolide???? Gaaah!

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  1. Ladies, I need your help. I'm having sleepless nights.... (well,almost, I love sleeping to much not too sleep..)
    I was recently promised to be paid the Hermès bag of my choice to mark a special occasion in the near-ish future. Being the bag-crazy person that I am I have been carefully plotting what my promised H-bag should be ever since. I love the Bolide 37, because it's rather discreet, which would make it easy to use it, even when I don't want the whole world to see that I am carrying an expensive bag.
    But then I thought: If someone else is paying for the bag, shouldn't I be getting the quintessential H-bag (besides the Kelly, of course), a Birkin???
    But I'm not sure if a Birkin would fit my lifestyle or if people would look at me thinking, "Why is a 25 year old carrying a Birkin??"
    I'm confused...
    I'm pretty sure on which colour I'd like (Marron Foncé or Ebene) and that I want a sturdy leather.
    But not knowing which bag to choose... Gaaaah!!

  2. Being 25 year old with Birkin is not a problem, I think. Unless you live in the big city(NY/LA/Chicago), most of people don't even know what "Hermes" or "Birkin" is.....and there are tons of young people carrying expensive things in big cities anyway. But I would not personally buy Birkin or any bags in that matter, if it doesn't fit your lifestyle or needs.
  3. I love both, but find that I can fit more into a birkin. I don't think age should be a issue, it is what you need the bag for, and what you carry that should come into your decision...the sturdiest leather is probably Fjord, and would look wonderful in your color choices in either bag style.
  4. Between a Birkin and Bolide, I would definitely choose a Birkin. Like you said, it is a quintessential H bag. So is the Kelly. I don't think age is as much of a factor. It has to do with each persons maturity and lifestyle.
  5. Well, I'm 26 and just got a Birk. I wanted a HAC but fell in love with my bag the moment I saw it and had to have it. I couldn't carry a Bolide though, I find it a lot more... mature and just not very me.
  6. I would choose a Birkin of those choices.
  7. ^^Another birkin lover here!x
  8. There's no minimum age on a birkin. Most people think I still look like a teen, I'm getting a birkin hopefully soon. I think that makes it even cooler. Don't take your age into consideration, get what you WAAAAANT! ^_^
  9. I would go for a Birkin. It's just so classic and such a must in any H collection. I wouldn't care what others thought about it, get what you want and what makes you happy, regardless of what others would think. Let us know what you decide!
  10. Get what you truly love, and what you feel will suit your lifestyle more. I love the Bolides (love that you can carry it the shoulder aswell) more than the Birkins
    But its all a matter of taste. Its a big investment!!! When you see the perfect bag, you will have to have it, no matter what.:yahoo: Go check out the bags in the boutique, you will be surprised. Its a big eye-opener. Somehow all the pics in the world cant make up for the feeling when you get the right bag in your hands.
  11. BIRKIN. It will be a better investment.
  12. Birkin -- for all the above reasons.
  13. You Need To Buy Your Most Favorite ~ IMO It's Crazy To Spend That Kind Of Money If Your Not 100% Happy!!!

    BTW ~ Congratulations ~ I'd Be Sleepless Too, Dreaming About This Wonderful UpComing Bag!!!!!!
  14. Deelove, you need to acquire the bag that you love 100%. :smile:
  15. I would go with a birkin first then the bolide.